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2017Transoesophageal echocardiographic evaluation of central venous catheter positioning using Peres ’ formula or a radiological landmark-based approach : a prospective randomized single-centre study †Ahn, J H; Kim, I S; Yang, J H; Lee, I G; Seo, D H; Kim, S P
2017Endothelial dysfunction in the early postoperative period after major colon cancer surgeryEkeloef, S; Larsen, M H H; Lykkesfeldt, J; Rosenberg, J; Go, I
2017Advanced Uses of Pulse Oximetry for MonitoringTusman, Gerardo; Bohm, Stephan H; Suarez-sipmann, Fernando
2017Patients Experiencing Reversible Acute Kidney Injury after Cardiac SurgeryProvenchère, Sophie; Boutten, Anne; Buklas, Dimitrios; Fellahi, Jean-luc; Ph, D; Hanouz, Jean-luc; Ph, D; Hertig, Alexandre; Ph, D
2016The Effect of Intraoperative Blood Glucose Management on Postoperative Blood Glucose Levels in Noncardiac Surgery PatientsNair, Bala G; Horibe, Mayumi; Neradilek, Moni B; Newman, Shu-Fang; Peterson, Gene N
2017Tracheal visualization during tracheostomy : the dark side of the moon or just the moon and marsLamperti, M; Caldiroli, D
2017The egg-and-chicken situation in postoperative enhanced recovery programmesSlim, K; Joris, J
2017Coordinated perioperative care — a high value proposition ?Ludbrook, G L; Goldsman, A G
2017Early Left and Right Ventricular Response to Aortic Valve ReplacementDuncan, Andra E; Sarwar, Sheryar; Kashy, Babak Kateby; Sonny, Abraham; Sale, Shiva; Alfirevic, Andrej; Yang, Dongsheng; Thomas, James D; Gillinov, Marc; Sessler, Daniel I
2017EDITORIALS A global vision for the British Journal of AnaesthesiaJr, H C Hemmings
2017Making robust assessments of specialist trainees ’ workplace performanceWeller, J M; Castanelli, D J; Chen, Y; Jolly, B
2017The impact of anesthesia on hemodynamic and volume changes in operative hysteroscopy : a bioimpedance randomized study ☆ , ☆☆ , ★El, Ahmed M; Kamel, Moustafa A
2017Translational Studies of Pediatric Anesthetic ExposureBaxter, Mark G; Alvarado, Maria C
2017Surveying the Literature : Synopsis of Recent Key PublicationsIi, Eugene A Hessel
2016Legal Research Databases to Study Rare Perioperative Outcomes in Patients with Obstructive Sleep ApneaDomino, Karen B.; Posner, Karen L.
2017The Nuts and Bolts of Performing Focused Cardiovascular Ultrasound (FoCUS)Article, E Special
2017New Innovations in Circulatory Support WithSladen, Robert N
2017It ’ s About Time “ IKheterpal, Sachin
2017Commonly-used versus less commonly-used methods in the loss of resistance technique for identi fi cation of the epidural space : A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trialsPierri, Larissa; Agarwal, Arnav; Kashiwagi, Flávio T; Corrêa, Ione; Eduardo, José; Pereira, G; El, Regina
2017Effects of stylet use during tracheal intubation on postoperative pharyngeal pain in anesthetized patients : A prospective randomized controlled trialKomasawa, Nobuyasu; Nishihara, Isao; Minami, Toshiaki