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2011Effect of multimodal intervention to enhance Hong Kong healthcare workers' hand hygiene complianceTai, Wai-ming Josepha
17-Jul-2007Nurses using physical restraints : are the accused also the victims? - A study using focus group interviewsLai, Kam-yuk Claudia
2011Effect of acupressure on women with urodynamic stress incontinenceChang, Ka-pik Katherine
2012An overview of quality care of people with complex health needsChien, Wai-Tong
Aug-2003科技信息的挑战对护理工作的影响Lai, Kam-yuk Claudia (賴錦玉)
Oct-2006从护理工作量探讨急诊室护理人力的配备 = To study the arrangement of emergency room staff according the practical nursing working quantityZhang, Hong-xia (張紅霞); Lai, Kam-yuk Claudia (賴錦玉); Chen, Su-wen (陳素文); Hu, Li Jun (胡利君); Zheng, Bi-xia (鄭碧霞); Zhang, Bi Ying (張碧影); Zhang, Ming Yao (張明耀)
2010临床评估桂蜡热敷穴位对糖尿病周围神经病变患者的效果 = A clinical evaluation of the effects of a hot wax with cortex cinnamon acupoint compress on patients with diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN)Chen, Peiyi (陈佩仪)
2012An experimental study on the effectiveness of a mutual support group for family caregivers of a relative with dementia in mainland ChinaWang, Li-Qun; Chien, Wai-Tong; Lee, Isabella Y. M.
Sep-2000采用特尔非法 撰写新世纪中国护士伦理准则Pang, Mei-che (彭美慈); Zeng, Xiyuan (曾熙媛); Wang, Chun Sheng (王春生); Zhang, Zhi Jun (張志君); Liu, ShuQin (劉書琴); Wong, K. S. Thomas (汪國成); Lai, Kam-yuk Claudia (賴錦玉)
2011Development and evaluation of a life review program for Chinese advanced cancer patientsXiao, Huimin
2011Process and quality of peer review in scientific nursing journalsChien, Wai-Tong
2011Living beyond gynecologic cancer : quality of life and sexuality among Chinese womenZeng, Yingchun
Dec-2010香港老年痴呆症患者照顾服务的资源分配及问题分析Leung, Kin Ling Natalie (梁健菱); Lai, Kam-yuk Claudia (賴錦玉)
Jan-2010澳门地区老年痴呆症患者照护服务的资源分配及政策分析= An analysis of the development of dementia care services in Macao : policies and resources allocationLeung, Kin Ling Natalie (梁健菱); Sam, Wai Leng (岑慧瑩); Leong, Meng Lei (楊明理); Choi, I Ha (蔡綺霞); Lei, Wai In (李衛燕); Lai, Kam-yuk Claudia (賴錦玉)
Jun-2010中文版柯恩-曼斯菲尔德激越情绪行为量表的研制 = The Cohen-Mansfield Agitation Inventory:development of a Chinese versionLai, Kam-yuk Claudia (賴錦玉)
2010The impact on families with hospitalized children : development of a Hospitalization Impact and Coping Scale on families (HICS)Kong Wong, Kit-fong Sarah
Aug-2011Randomised controlled trial of a family-led mutual support programme for people with dementiaWang, Li-Qun; Chien, Wai-Tong
2003Protective effects of melatonin as an antioxidant and immunomodulator in burn injury of ratsHan, Xiaohua
2000Identifying the needs of Chinese family caregivers of children with cancer in Hong KongKuan, Hau-yee
2010Toward realistic virtual surgical simulation : using heuristically parameterized anisotropic mass-spring model to simulate tissue mechanical responsesChoi, Kup-Sze