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30-Apr-2015EFFECTS OF DYNAMATRIX® ON ANGIOGENIC CYTOKINE EXPRESSION FROM HUMAN DENTAL PULP FIBROBLASTS:Windsor, L. Jack; Erhlich, Ygal; Bringas, Josef; Warner, Ned A. (Ned Alan); Zunt, Susan L., 1951-; Spolnik, Kenneth Jacob, 1950- Research Committee Chair; Adams, Joseph Benjamin
1-May-2015THE EFFECT OF POLYMERIZATION METHODS AND FIBER TYPES ON THE MECHANICAL BEHAVIOR OF FIBER-REINFORCED COMPOSITE RESINChu, Tien-Min Gabriel, Research Committee Chair; Hara, Anderson T.; Brown, David T.; Bottino, Marco C.; Levon, John A.; Huang, Nan-Chieh
9-Jun-2015EVALUATING THE USE OF 3D IMAGING IN CREATING A CANAL-DIRECTED ENDODONTIC ACCESSEhrlich, Ygal; Ghoneima, Ahmed; Bringas, Josef; Warner, Ned A. (Ned Alan); Zunt, Susan L., 1951-; Spolnik, Kenneth Jacob, 1950- Research Committee Chair; Maru, Avni Mahendra
18-May-2015Effects of Various Thicknesses on Load to Fracture of Posterior CAD/CAM Lithium Disilicate Glass Ceramic Crowns Subjected to Cyclic FatiguePlatt, Jeffrey A., Research Committee Chair; Bottino, Marco C.; Haug, Steven; Brown, David T.; Levon, John A.; Al-Angari, Nadia, 1982-
Jul-2015The health-related uses and gratifications of YouTube: Motive, cognitive involvement, online activity, and sense of empowermentGoering, Elizabeth M.; White-Mills, Kim D.; Brann, Maria; Park, Daniel Youngjoon
6-Jul-2015INFLUENCE OF PHOSPHORIC ACID SURFACE TREATMENT ON SHEAR BOND STRENGTH DURABILITY OF RESIN CEMENT TO ZIRCONIA-BASE CERAMIC CONDITIONED WITH DIFFERENT PRIMERS DJeffrey, Platt A.; Marco, Bottin C.; Tien-Min Gabriel, Chu; diefenderfer, Kim E.; Alshehri, Eman Z.; Jeffrey, Platt A.; Marco, Bottino C.; Tien-Min Gabriel, Chu; Diefenderfer, Kim E.
Dec-2014Geochemical analysis of four late middle Pennsylvanian cores from Southern IndianaGilhooly, William III; Druschel, Greg; Licht, Kathy J.; Broach, Clinton M.
2014A non-conventional multilevel flying-capacitor converter topologySantos Jr., Euzeli Cipriano dos; Li, Lingxi; King, Brian; Gulpinar, Feyzullah
Dec-2014Structure-based computational studies of protein-ligand interactionsMeroueh, Samy; Pu, Jingzhi; Boyd, Donald B.; Naumann, Christoph A.; Wang, Bo
2014Intra-nucleus accumbens shell injections of R(+)- and S(-)- baclofen bidirectionally alter binge-like ethanol, but not saccharin, intake in C57Bl/6J miceCzachowski, Cristine; Boehm, Stephen; Neal-Beliveau, Bethany S.; Grahame, Nicholas J.; Kasten, Chelsea Rae
20-Jan-2015The perception of African American faith-based organizations regarding African Americans with HIVBuelow, Janice M.; Burke Draucker, Claire; Miller, Wendy Renee; Levy, Marian; Otey, Tamara Dochelle
Jan-2015Validation-based insertional mutagenesis (VBIM) technology identifies adenomatous polypossis coli (APC) like protein (ALP) as a novel negative regulator of NF-κBLu, Tao; Sullivan Jr., William J.; Safa, Ahmad R.; Mundade, Rasika S.
Feb-2015Targeting telomerase in HER2 positive breast cancer: role of cancer stem cellsHerbert, Brittney-Shea; Chan, Rebecca; Schneider, Bryan P.; Tanaka, Hiromi; Koziel, Jillian Elizabeth
Feb-2015A role for HSC70 in regulating antigen trafficking and presentation during macronutrient deprivationBlum, Janice Sherry, 1957-; Kaplan, Mark H.; Bauer, Margaret E.; Yin, Xiao-Ming; Deffit, Sarah N.
9-Feb-2015Segmentation of human retinal layers from optical coherence tomography scansTsechpenakis, Gavriil; Tuceryan, Mihran; Fang, Shiaofen; Hammes, Nathan M.
2015Hydrodynamic delivery for prevention of acute kidney injuryAtkinson, Simon; Bacallao, Robert; Blazer-Yost, Bonnie; Zhang, Shijun
2014Antecedents and outcomes of work-linked couple incivilitySliter, Michael; Devine, Denis John; Williams, Jane R.; Jones, Morgan Dakota
28-Feb-2015Material design using surrogate optimization algorithmTovar, Andrés; Zhu, Likun; El-Mounayri, Hazim; Khadke, Kunal R.
2-Mar-2015Charge optimization of lithium-ion batteries for electric-vehicle applicationAnwar, Sohel; Wasfy, Tamar; Li, Lingxi; Pramanik, Sourav
20-Feb-2015Secure data aggregation protocol for sensor networksKing, Brian; El-Sharkawy, Mohammed; Salama, Paul; Shah, Kavit