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Feb-2001A Signal Sequence Is Sufficient for Green Fluorescent Protein to Be Routed to Regulated Secretory GranulesEl Meskini, Rajaâ; Jin, Lixian; Marx, Ruth; Bruzzaniti, Angela; Lee, Jongho; Emeson, Ronald B; Mains, Richard E
May-2012Focal Adhesion Kinases in Adhesion Structures and DiseaseEleniste, Pierre P; Bruzzaniti, Angela
Sep-2007Defective microtubule-dependent podosome organization in osteoclasts leads to increased bone density in Pyk2−/− miceGil-Henn, Hava; Destaing, Olivier; Sims, Natalie A; Aoki, Kazuhiro; Alles, Neil; Neff, Lynn; Sanjay, Archana; Bruzzaniti, Angela; De Camilli, Pietro; Baron, Roland; Schlessinger, Joseph
2007Review of long-term adverse effects associated with the use of chemically-modified animal and nonanimal source hyaluronic acid dermal fillersEdwards, Paul C; Fantasia, John E.
15-May-2006Gene-enhanced tissue engineering for dental hard tissue regeneration: (I) dentin-pulp and periodontal regenerationEdwards, Paul C; Mason, James M.
24-Aug-2010The prevalence of concha bullosa and nasal septal deviation and their relationship to maxillary sinusitis by volumetric tomographyEdwards, Paul C; Smith, Kyle D.; Saini, Tarnjit S.; Norton, Neil S.
2-Mar-2010Contemporary Issues in Head and Neck Pathology and RadiologyEdwards, Paul C; Kanjirath, Preetha P.; Saini, Tarnjit; Norton, Neil S.
Jun-1996PC8, a new member of the convertase familyBruzzaniti, Angela; Goodge, Katrina; Jay, Philippe; Taviaux, Sylvie A; Lam, Mark HC; Berta, Philippe; Martin, T John; Moseley, Jane M; Gillespie, MT
2006Sinonasal undifferentiated carcinoma of the maxillary sinusEdwards, Paul C; Hess, Stephen J.; Saini, Tarnjit
Mar-2006“Meth Mouth”: Rampant Caries in methamphetamine abusersEdwards, Paul C; Shaner, John W.; Kimmes, N.; Saini, Tarnjit S.
Jul-2011Nmp4/CIZ suppresses the response of bone to anabolic parathyroid hormone by regulating both osteoblasts and osteoclastsChildress, Paul; Philip, Binu K; Robling, Alexander G; Bruzzaniti, Angela; Kacena, Melissa A; Bivi, Nicoletta; Plotkin, Lilian I; Heller, Aaron; Bidwell, Joseph P
Jul-2005Dynamin Forms a Src Kinase–sensitive Complex with Cbl and Regulates Podosomes and Osteoclast ActivityBruzzaniti, Angela; Neff, Lynn; Sanjay, Archana; Horne, William C; De Camilli, Pietro; Baron, Roland
Jul-2009Dynamin Reduces Pyk2 Y402 Phosphorylation and Src Binding in OsteoclastsBruzzaniti, Angela; Neff, Lynn; Sandoval, Amanda; Du, Liping; Horne, William C; Baron, Roland
May-2012Dynamin and PTP-PEST cooperatively regulate Pyk2 dephosphorylation in osteoclastsEleniste, Pierre P; Du, Liping; Shivanna, Mahesh; Bruzzaniti, Angela
Jan-2012Decreased Autocrine EGFR Signaling in Metastatic Breast Cancer Cells Inhibits Tumor Growth in Bone and Mammary Fat PadNickerson, Nicole K; Mohammad, Khalid S; Gilmore, Jennifer L; Crismore, Erin; Bruzzaniti, Angela; Guise, Theresa A; Foley, John
May-2012Megakaryocytes Regulate Expression of Pyk2 Isoforms and Caspase-mediated Cleavage of Actin in OsteoblastsKacena, Melissa A; Eleniste, Pierre P; Cheng, Ying-Hua; Huang, Su; Shivanna, Mahesh; Meijome, Tomas E; Mayo, Lindsey D; Bruzzaniti, Angela
Sep-2002Oral Lichen Planus: Clinical Presentation and ManagementEdwards, Paul C; Kelsch, Robert