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2008Risk and DiseaseSchwartz, Peter H.
Feb-2010Autonomy and consent in biobanksSchwartz, Peter H.
Sep-1934Cartoon of "Uncle Doc" standing with man running in the background.Unknown
Jan-1934Cartoon of "Uncle Doc" looking at pigs behind a fence.Unknown
Feb-1934Cartoon of "Uncle Doc" standing next to a water cooler watching two women talk.Unknown
Nov-1934Cartoon of "Uncle Doc" walking past a shop.Unknown
May-1934Cartoon of "Uncle Doc" with crossed fingers looking at salesman.Unknown
Oct-1933Cartoon of "Uncle Doc" standing with parents over an infant in a crib.Unknown
Jul-1934Cartoon of "Uncle Doc" sitting in a pew at a church with is head bowed and hands folded.Unknown
Feb-1935Cartoon of "Uncle Doc" watching a man running by looking at his watch.Unknown
Mar-1934Cartoon of "Uncle Doc" eating an apple.Unknown
Feb-1924Bacteria in MilkUnknown
Aug-1924Two photographs of a well with a rotten platform.Unknown
Jan-1934Cartoon advertisement of airplane bombing a vehical emphasizing the importance of diptheria immunization.Unknown
Sep-1924Better Babies Building, Indiana State Fair.Unknown
Aug-1934Cartoon of "Uncle Doc" giving a shot to a boy.Unknown
Oct-1934Cartoon of "Uncle Doc" standing in front a shop with a sign that says "Beauty Shoppe".Unknown
Jun-1934Cartoon of "Uncle Doc" sitting in a chair reading a newspaper.Unknown
Jan-1935Cartoon of "Uncle Doc" standing in front of a bathtub.Unknown
Sep-1933Cartoon of "Uncle Doc" in a hospital looking at infants in cribs.Unknown