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2014Self-nanoemulsifying drug delivery system (SNEDDS) for oral delivery of arteether: pharmacokinetics, toxicity and antimalarial activity in miceDwivedi, Pankaj; Khatik, Renuka; Khandelwal, Kiran; Srivastava, Richa; Taneja, Isha; Raju, K S R; Dwivedi, Hemlata; Shukla, Prashant; Gupta, Pramod; Singh, Sarika; Tripathi, Renu; Paliwal, S K; Wahajuddin; Dwivedi, A K; Mishra, P R
2015Arteether nanoemulsion for enhanced efficacy against Plasmodium yoelii nigeriensis malaria: An approach by enhanced bioavailabilityDwivedi, Pankaj; Khatik, Renuka; Chaturvedi, Priyanka; Khandelwal, Kiran; Taneja, Isha; Raju, K S R; Dwivedi, Hemlata; Singh, S K; Gupta, P K; Shukla, Prashant; Tripathi, Priyanka; Singh, Sarika; Tripathi, Renu; Wahajuddin; Paliwal, S K; Dwivedi, A K; Mishra, P R
2014Immunotherapeutic Vitamin E Nanoemulsion Synergies the Antiproliferative Activity of Paclitaxel in Breast Cancer Cells via Modulating Th1 and Th2 Immune ResponsePawar, V K; Panchal, S B; Singh, Yuvraj; Meher, J G; Sharma, Komal; Singh, Pankaj; Bora, H K; Singh, Akhilesh; Datta, Dipak; Chourasia, M K
2014Moxifloxacin Loaded Nanoemulsions having Tocopheryl Succinate as Integral Component Improves Pharmacokinetics and Enhances Survival in E Coli Induced Complicated Intra-Abdominal InfectionShukla, Prashant; Verma, A K; Dwivedi, Pankaj; Yadav, Arti; Gupta, P K; Rath, S K; Mishra, P R
2015Potential in vitro and in vivo colon specific anticancer activity on HCT- 116 Xenograft Nude mice model: Targeted delivery using enteric coated folate modify nanoparticlesKhatik, Renuka; Dwivedi, Pankaj; Reddy, V B; Sharma, Komal; Chuttani, Krishna; Mishra, A K; Dwivedi, A K
2014Targeting of Gastrointestinal Tract for Amended Delivery of Proteins/Peptides Therapeutics: Strategies and Industrial PerspectivesPawar, V K; Meher, J G; Singh, Yuvraj; Chaurasia, Mohini; Reddy, B S; Chourasia, M K
2014Delivery of methotrexate executed by engineered polymeric micelles intended to improve chemotherapyKumar, Bijay; Meher, J G; Gupta, Annie; Pawar, V K; Singh, Yuvraj; Chourasia, M K
2014Design, synthesis and molecular docking of substituted 3-hydrazinyl-3-oxo-propanamides as anti-tubercular agentsNaqvi, Arshi; Malasoni, Richa; Srivastava, Akansha; Pandey, R R; Dwivedi, A K
2014Dried Blood Spots: Concepts, Present Status and Future Perspectives in BioanalysisSharma, Abhisheak; Jaiswal, Swati; Shukla, Mahendra; Jawahar Lal
2014In-vitro and in-vivo Studies on Novel Chitosan-g-Pluronic F-127 Copolymer Based Nanocarrier of Amphotericin B for Improved Antifungal Activitykumar, Vivek; Gupta, P K; Pawar, V K; Verma, Ashwni; Khatik, Renuka; Tripathi, Priyanka; Shukla, Prasant; Yadav, Bholenath; Parmar, Jeetesh; Dixit, Rohit; Mishra, P R; Dwivedi, A K
2014Development of targeted 1, 2-diacyl-sn-glycero-3-phospho-L-serine coated Gelatin nanoparticles loaded with Amphotericin B for improved in vitro and in vivo effect in Leishmaniasis.Khatik, Renuka; Dwivedi, Pankaj; Khare, Prashant; Kansal, Shaswat; Dube, Anuradha; Mishra, P R; Dwivedi, A K
2014An improved HPLC method for simultaneous estimation of isocurcumenol, ar-turmerone and α,β-turmerone in hexane soluble fraction of Curcuma longa and its formulationsMalasoni, Richa; Naqvi, Arshi; Srivastava, Akansha; Pandey, R R; Singh, Artee; Chaudhary, Madhuri; Paliwal, S K; Dwivedi, A K
2014Preparation and characterization of depot injectable microspheres of centchroman using ethyl celluloseGupta, Varsha; Singh, Swati; Srivastava, Madhumita; Ahmad, Hafsa; Pachauri, S D; Khandelwal, Kiran; Dwivedi, Pankaj; Dwivedi, A K
2014The preparation of Morinda citrifolia (Noni)–phospholipid complex and its pharmacokinetics study in ratsPachauri, S D; Khandelwal, Kiran; Bhaisora, Madhusmita; Pandey, R R; Shrivastava, Akansha; Tripathi, Priyanka; Verma, P R P; Dwivedi, A K
2014Engineered Nanocrystal Technology: in-vivo fate, targeting and applications in drug deliveryPawar, V K; Singh, Yuvraj; Meher, J G; Gupta, Siddharth; Chourasia, M K
2014Assay method for quality control and stability studies of a new antidiabetic agent (S-001-469)Khandelwal, Kiran; Pachauri, S D; Tiwari, Khushbu; Pandey, R R; Ahmed, Hafsa; Dwivedi, Pankaj; Dwivedi, A P; Pratap, Ram; Dwivedi, A K
2014Covalent functionalized Self-assembled Lipo-polymerosome bearing Amphotericin B for better management of leishmaniasis and its toxicity evaluationGupta, P K; Jaiswal, A K; Kumar, Vivek; Verma, Ashwni; Dwivedi, Pankaj; Dube, Anuradha; Mishra, P R
2013Polymeric Colloidal Particulate Systems: Intelligent Tools for Intracellular Targeting of Antileishmanial CargosAsthana, Shalini; Gupta, P K; Chaurasia, Mohini; Dube, Anuradha; Chourasia, M K
2014Toxicological evaluation and targeting tumor cells through folic acid modified guar gum nanoparticles of curcuminKhatik, Renuka; Dwivedi, Pankaj; Upadhyay, Mansi; Patel, V K; Paliwal, S K; Dwivedi, A K
2013Chitosan Coated Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose- Ethylcellulose Shell Based Gastroretentive Dual Working System to Improve the Bioavailability of NorfloxacinPawar, V K; Asthana, Shalini; Mishra, Neelam; Chaurasia, Mohini; Chourasia, M K