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2016Information for Readers
2016Congenital: Valves Emani et al Key Words: pediatric valve replacement, expandable valve, Melody valve, bovine jugular vein graftEmani, Valves; Words, Key
2016EDITORIAL : THORACIC : MECHANINCAL CIRCULATORY SUPPORT An evolving paradigm for adult extracorporeal membrane oxygenation : Should the indications include patients with sepsis ?Landolfo, Kevin; Belli, Erol
2016EDITORIAL : CONGENITAL : COARCTATION When to repair coarctation associated with hypoplastic aortic arch through the front : Are we asking the questions that really matter ?Anagnostopoulos, Petros V
2016Why doesn ’ t the flow study work better for pulmonary atresia , ventricular septal defect , and major aortopulmonary collaterals ?Tweddell, James S
2016Pushing back the cliff ( but there probably still is a cliff ): Arrhythmia , late outcome , and uncertainty in Fontan patientsAlexander, Mark E
2016Recent and Future Papers in the Seminars and Op Techs Recent and Future Papers in the Seminars and Op Techs ( continued )Oncology, Thoracic; Thoracic, Other; Papers, Surgical
2016Changing body temperature during aortic arch surgeryMinatoya, Kenji
2016The American Board of Thoracic Surgery
2016The American Board of Thoracic SurgeryGriffiths, Eric R; City, Salt Lake; Candi-, Utah; Ha, Richard-tien V; Amy, E; Angeles, Los; Harrington, Katherine B; Hermsen, Joshua L; Holloway, D; Candidate, Alberta; Ibrahi-, Ali; Alto, Palo; Candidate, California; Joyce, David; City, Salt Lake; Lehr, Eric J; Sinha, R
2016Basic Science Dr T . B . Reece ( Denver , Colo ) . The leading to treating with oxygenated Readers who found these articles interesting may also like to read the following papers found in recent and future issues of our sister publications , Seminars in TTabayashi, K; Saiki, Y; Kokubo, H; Takahashi, G; Akasaka, J; Yoshida, S
2016Human leukocyte antigen mismatching and survival after lung transplantation in adult and pediatric patients with cystic fibrosisHayes, Don; Auletta, Jeffery J; Whitson, Bryan A; Black, Sylvester M; Kirkby, Stephen; Tobias, Joseph D; Mansour, Heidi M
2016CONGENITAL : VALVES Concept of an expandable cardiac valve for surgical implantation in infants and childrenEmani, Sitaram M; Piekarski, Breanna L; Zurakowski, David; Baird, Christopher A; Marshall, Audrey C; Lock, James E; Nido, Pedro J
2016SURGICAL TECHNIQUE : ACQUIRED Extended neochord weaving technique for degenerative mitral valve diseaseSakaguchi, Taichi; Totsugawa, Toshinori; Tamura, Kentaro; Yoshitaka, Hidenori
2016FEATURE EXPERT OPINION : ACQUIRED : TRANSPLANTATION Changes in United States heart allocation : A community energized to improve policyRogers, Joseph G
2016FEATURE EXPERT OPINION : BASIC SCIENCE Reproducibility and replicability of science and thoracic surgeryLawton, Jennifer S
2016EDITORIAL : ACQUIRED : MITRAL Surgery for mitral stenosis in patients with pulmonary hypertension : How far can we go ?Antunes, Manuel J
2016H ^Fetcs, Carlos A Mestres; Dphil, Rakesh Suri
2016ACQUIRED : AORTA Does moderate hypothermia really carry less bleeding risk than deep hypothermia for circulatory arrest ? A propensity-matched comparison in hemiarch replacementKeenan, Jeffrey E; Wang, Hanghang; Gulack, Brian C; Ganapathi, Asvin M; Andersen, Nicholas D; Englum, Brian R; Krishnamurthy, Yamini; Levy, Jerrold H; Welsby, Ian J; Hughes, G Chad
2016Thoracic : Trachea as well , or do you just put it in ? Udelsman et al Thoracic : Trachea Dr David A . Waller ( Leicester , United the use of this in the repair of postpneu- First , you are probably aware that the French Group for Airway Trans- plantationMuniappan, A; Jc, Wain; Cd, Wright; Dm, Donahue; Gaissert, H; Lanuti, M; Newark, Justin T Sambol; Boston, Brooks V Udelsman