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2016The importance of standardization in surgical ablation for atrial fibrillationAd, Niv
2016ACQUIRED : CORONARY Nonselective carotid artery ultrasound screening in patients undergoing coronary artery bypass grafting : Is it necessary ?Masabni, Khalil; Iii, F Sabik; Raza, Sajjad; Carnes, Theresa; Koduri, Hemantha; Idrees, Jay J; Beach, Jocelyn; Riaz, Haris
2016Systematic review of the influence of enhanced recovery pathways in elective lung resectionFiore, Julio F; Bejjani, Jimmy; Conrad, Kate; Niculiseanu, Petru; Landry, Tara; Lee, Lawrence; Ferri, Lorenzo E; Feldman, Liane S
2016From bench to bedside : Can the improvements in left ventricular assist device design mitigate adverse events and increase survival ?Tarzia, Vincenzo; Giammarco, Di; Mauro, Di; Bortolussi, Giacomo; Maccherini, Massimo; Tursi, Vincenzo; Maiani, Massimo; Bernazzali, Sonia; Marinelli, Daniele; Foschi, Massimiliano; Buratto, Edward; Bejko, Jonida; Gregori, Dario; Scuri, Silvia; Livi, Ugolino
2016Acquired: Coronary Masabni et al 12.Surgery, Neurointerventional
2016No TitleSurg, Thorac Cardiovasc; Acute, Elkayam U; Cardiol, Am Coll; St, Hussain; Rd, Stewart; Gb, Pettersson; Surg, Thorac Cardiovasc; Hm, Lin; Luozzo, Di; Surg, Thorac Cardiovasc
2016How much will the data allow us to know ?Welke, Karl F
2016ACQUIRED : ASCENDING AORTA Long-term survival , valve durability , and reoperation for 4 aortic root procedures combined with ascending aorta replacement Patient Characteristics and Procedural DetailsSvensson, Lars G; Pillai, Saila T; Rajeswaran, Jeevanantham; Desai, Milind Y; Griffin, Brian; Grimm, Richard; Hammer, Donald F; Thamilarasan, Maran; Roselli, Eric E; Pettersson, B; Gillinov, A Marc; Navia, Jose L; Smedira, Nicholas G; Iii, F Sabik; Lytle, Bruce W; Black
2016Adoption of pleurectomy and decortication for malignant mesothelioma leads to similar survival as extrapleural pneumonectomyBatirel, Hasan Fevzi; Metintas, Muzaffer; Caglar, Basak; Ak, Guntulu
2016CONGENITAL : SINGLE VENTRICLE Characterizing the angiogenic activity of patients with single ventricle physiology and aortopulmonary collateral vesselsSandeep, Nefthi; Uchida, Yutaka; Ratnayaka, Kanishka; Mccarter, Robert