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2015Effect of Aging and Cardiovascular Risk Factors on Receptor Tie1 Expression in Human Erectile TissueFonseca, João; Tomada, Nuno; Magalhães, Alexandre
2016144 Expression of glucocorticoid receptors, androgen receptors and its splice variants in prostate cancer: Comparison between hormone dependent and castrate-resistant prostate cancerShim, M; Choi, S K; Kim, Y; Ahn, T Y; Ahn, H
2015JOIN THE PREMIER RESEARCH OFFICE Take part in publications and presentations that offer exposure to your institution Become a member of the global research network of Endourologists Be recognized as a centre of excellence in the field of EndourologyThe, Join; The, I N; Of, Field
2015Acknowledgment Journal of Endourology and Part B : Videourology Our 2014 Reviewers Congratulations to Our Top Reviewers for 2014Knoll, Thomas; Cadeddu, Jeffrey; El-nahas, Ahmed; Abolyosr, Ahmad; Acosta-miranda, Alex; Ahlering, Tom; Ahyai, Sascha; Akornor, Joseph; Al-kandari, Ahmed; Alvarez-maestro, Mario; Arlen, Angela; Ben-chaim, Jakob; Blum, Michael; Bouchier-hayes, David; Box, Geoffrey; Braga, Luis H P; Buckley, Jill; Campbell, Steven; Cannon, Glenn; Carter, Ballentine; Kit, Laura Chang; Chew, Ben; Chin, Joseph; Christman, Matthew; Collins, Justin; Cookson, Michael; Copp, Hillary; Costello, Anthony; Davenport, Kim; Duel, Barry; Duty, Brian; Dwyer, Moira; Elder, Jack; El-feel, Ahmed; Esposito, Ciro; Faerber, Gary; Filson, Christopher; Foley, Charlotte; Fox, Janelle; Fulgham, Pat
2016Management of patients with bladder exstrophyDemetrova, K; Breza, J; Slebodnikova, K; Barton, P
2016Assessing sexual life in patients with double J stentManu, M M; Parliteanu, B; Hurduc, V; Manu, R; Sinescu, I
2016Risk of urological surgery in elderly patientsTomasek, J; Spacek, J; Vachata, S; Holub, L; Husek, P; Brodak, M
2016Combination of the radiation and hormone deprivation therapy for locally advanced prostate cancerLysenko, V V; Medvedev, V V; Rosha, L L; Medvedev, A A; Tiuieva, N N
2016113 Enhanced sensitivity to sorafenib by inhibition of Akt1 expression in human renal cell carcinoma ACHN cells both in vitro and in vivoImai, S; Tei, H; Miyake, H; Fujisawa, M
2016The role of 3D vision in performing laparoscopic radical prostatectomyAndras, I; Gavrilita, M; Nyberg, V; Crisan, N; Coman, I
2016Wunderlich syndrome and other spontaneous renal rupture/bleedingKička, T; Kožlej, M; Velk, Ľ
2016Metastatic potential of hilar renal tumorsVitruk, I; Stakhovskyi, O; Voylenko, O; Vukalovych, P; Kononenko, O; Pikul, M; Lytvynenko, R; Chepurnatyi, M; Buyvol, O; Stakhovsky, E
2016Outcomes of patients with sarcomatoid renal cell carcinoma – single institution 10-years’ experienceSulgan, J; Tomaskin, R; Jonas, M; Svihra, J; Elias, B; Luptak, J
2016Antibodies against prokaryotic Hsp60 and human Hsp60 in the serum of patients with prostate cancerGrygorenko, V; Yakovenko, L; Vikarchuk, M; Danylets, R; Kosiukhno, M; Kroupskaya, I; Sidorik, L
2016Active surveillance in patients with localized prostate cancer – 10 years experienceBelej, K; Kaplan, O; Kohler, O; Chmelik, F; Horeni, E
2016Voiding Dysfunction Nocturnal Polyuria : Excess of Nocturnal Urine Production , Excess of Definitions d Influence on Renal Function ProfileGoessaert, An-sofie; Walle, Johan Vande; Bosch, Ruud; Hoebeke, Piet; Everaert, Karel
2016Are we ready for watchful waiting and focal therapy in treatment of prostate cancer? Analysis of histological material after radical prostatectomyKowalski, F; Wilamowski, J; Baranowski, A; Adamczyk, P; Mikolajczak, W; Dudzic, W; Drewa, T
2016Comparison of radiological and pathological tumour volume in renal cell carcinomaBhuvanagiri, A A; Kowalski, P P; Kelleher, J J; Butu, D; Kannan, S; Alexandrou, K; Ahiaku, E K N; Walker, J J
2016Correlation of serum total testosterone level with the amount of visceral adipose tissue of various localizationBondarenko, V; Pimanov, S
2016Bellini duct carcinoma – patient characteristics, staging and treatment results at our institutionPezelj, I; Nikles, S; Svagusa, I; Grubisic, I; Justinic, D; Tomaskovic, I; Stimac, G; Reljic, A; Ruzic, B