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2017Factors Influencing the Efficacy of Aerobic Exercise for Improving Fitness and Walking Capacity After Stroke : A Meta-Analysis With Meta-RegressionBoyne, Pierce; Welge, Jeffrey; Kissela, Brett; Dunning, Kari
2017Effect of Botulinum Toxin on Clonus : A Systematic ReviewThanikachalam, Vivekanand; Ortho, D; Phadke, Chetan P; Ismail, Farooq; Boulias, Chris
2017People with Spinal Cord Injury in PortugalCampos, Ines; Margalho, Paulo; Lopes, Arminda; Branco, Catarina; Faria, Filipa
2017Call for Papers
2017Call for Papers
2017Wisdom from a Chair : Thirty Years of Quadriplegia A Memoir by Andrew I . Batavia and Mitchell BataviaBrannon, Ruth W; Batavia, Andrew I
2017Information / Education Pages ( I / EPs )Medicine, Physical
2017Prospective Tracking and Analysis of Traumatic Brain Injury in Veterans and Military PersonnelLicona, Nytzia E; Chung, Joyce S; Poole, John H; Salerno, Rose M; Laurenson, Nancy M; Harris, Odette A
2017Association Between 6-Minute Walk Test Distance and Objective Variables of Functional Capacity After Exercise Training in Elderly Heart Failure Patients With Preserved Ejection Fraction : A Randomized Exercise TrialBrubaker, Peter H; Eggebeen, Joel; Maldonado-martı, Sara; Stewart, Kathryn P; Kitzman, Dalane W
2017No Title
2017Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
2017Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation SupplementsMedicine, Physical
2017Hand Robotic Therapy in Children with Hemiparesis A Pilot StudyBishop, Lauri; Gordon, Andrew M; Kim, Heakyung
2017Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation SupplementsMedicine, Physical
2017Complex and Simple Clinical Reaction Times Are Associated with Gait , Balance , and Major Fall Injury in Older Subjects with Diabetic Peripheral NeuropathyRichardson, James K; Eckner, James T; Allet, Lara; Kim, Hogene; Ashton-miller, James A
2017MISSION STATEMENT : The mission of the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is to disseminate original information , with the goal of advancing the art and science of interdisciplinary physical medicine and rehabilitation , thus improving theHoenig, Helen
2017Editors ’ Selections From This Issue : Volume 98 / Number 3 / March 2017
2017Probabilistic Matching Approach to Link Deidentified Data from a Trauma Registry and a Traumatic Brain Injury Model System CenterKesinger, Matthew Ryan; Kumar, Raj Gopalan; Ritter, Anne Connelly; Sperry, Jason Lee; Wagner, Amy Kathleen
2017Information / Education Page Memory and Traumatic Brain Injury What kind of memory is affected by traumatic brain injury ?Hart, Tessa; Sander, Angelle
2017People with Spinal Cord Injury in Republic of South AfricaJoseph, Conran; Scriba, Ernst; Wilson, Virginia; Mothabeng, Joyce; Theron, Francois; Care, Chain O F