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2017Fear of Movement Is Not Associated With Objective and Subjective Physical Activity Levels in Chronic Nonspecific Low Back PainCarvalho, A; Maher, Chris G; Franco, Marcia R; Oliveira, Crystian B; Silva, Fernanda G; Pinto, Rafael Z
2017Vastus Medialis Hoffmann Reflex Excitability Is Associated With Pain Level , Self-Reported Function , and Chronicity in Women With Patellofemoral PainSilva, Danilo De Oliveira; Magalha, Henrique; Faria, Clara; Ferrari, Deisi; Pazzinatto, Ferraz
2017Effect of Different Viscosities on Pharyngeal Pressure During Swallowing : A Study Using High-Resolution ManometryPark, Donghwi; Shin, Min; Ryu, Seok
2017Association Between Maximal Bench Press Strength and Isometric Handgrip Strength Among Breast Cancer SurvivorsRogers, Benjamin H; Brown, Justin C; Gater, David R; Schmitz, Kathryn H
2017Cross-Sectional Assessment of Factors Related to Pain Intensity and Pain Interference in Lower Limb Prosthesis UsersMorgan, Sara J; Friedly, Janna L; Amtmann, Dagmar; Salem, Rana; Hafner, Brian J
2017Multifidi Muscle Characteristics and Physical Function Among Older Adults With and Without Chronic Low Back PainSions, J Megan; Coyle, Peter C; Velasco, Teonette O; Elliott, James M; Hicks, Gregory E
2017Depression Predicts Functional Outcome in Geriatric Inpatient RehabilitationShahab, Saba; Nicolici, Diana-felicia; Tang, Alva; Katz, Paul; Mah, Linda
2017Patient Satisfaction and Prognosis for Functional Improvement and Deterioration , Institutionalization , and Death Among Medicare Beneficiaries Over 2 YearsBogner, Hillary R; Mcclintock, F De Vries; Kurichi, Jibby E; Kwong, Pui L; Xie, Dawei; Hennessy, Sean; Streim, Joel E; Stineman, Margaret G
2017Effectiveness of Aquatic Exercise in Improving Lower Limb Strength in Musculoskeletal Conditions : A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisHeywood, Sophie; Sports, Mphysio; Mcclelland, Jodie; Mentiplay, Benjamin; Geigle, Paula; Rahmann, Ann; Clark, Ross
2017Measuring Community Integration in Persons With Limb Trauma and Amputation : A Systematic ReviewResnik, Linda; Borgia, Matthew; Silver, Benjamin
2017BRIEF REPORT A Method of Radial Nerve Length Measurement Based on Cadaveric InvestigationKim, Jae-gyum; Kim, Dasom; Seok, Hung Youl; Kim, Yoohwan; Yang, Kyung-sook; Rhyu, Joo; Kim, Byung-jo
2017People with Spinal Cord Injury in Poland EPIDEMIOLOGY OF SPINAL CORD INJURYTederko, Piotr; Jagodzi, Robert; Krasuski, Marek; Tarnacka, Beata; Care, Chain O F
2017Information / Education Page Managing Neuropathy After Chemotherapy in Patients With Cancer What you need to know Are there any safety concerns because ofMedicine, Physical
2017Sarcopenia and Physical Function in Middle-Aged and Older Stroke SurvivorsRyan, Alice S; Ivey, Frederick M; Serra, Monica C; Hartstein, Joseph; Hafer-macko, Charlene E
2017Perspectives on Postural Control Dysfunction to Inform Future Research : A Delphi Study for Children With Cerebral PalsyDewar, Rosalee; Claus, Andrew P; Tucker, Kylie; Johnston, Leanne Marie
201715-24 25-27Ferna, Tania
2017Predictive and Reactive Grip Force Responses to Rapid Load Increases in People With Multiple Sclerosis Kathrin AllgoKern, Claudia; Hermsdo, Joachim
2017Effects of a Self-Exercise Program on Activities of Daily Living in Patients After Acute Stroke : A Propensity Score Analysis Based on the Japan Association of Rehabilitation DatabaseShiraishi, Nariaki; Suzuki, Yusuke; Matsumoto, Daisuke
2017Hospital-Based Health Care After Traumatic Brain InjurySalisbury, David B; Driver, Simon J; Reynolds, Megan; Bennett, Monica; Petrey, Laura B; Warren, Marie
2017Intermittent Hypoxia and Locomotor Training Enhances Dynamic but Not Standing Balance in Patients With Incomplete Spinal Cord InjuryNavarrete-opazo, Angela; Alcayaga, Julio J; Sepu, Oscar; Varas, Gonzalo