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2016Hypofractionated 3D radiotherapy for inoperable T1-3 N0-1 non-small-cell lung cancerPaper, Full
2016Middle cerebral artery stenosis in patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma after radiotherapy : the incidence of stenosis and the risk factorsPaper, Full
2016Anatomical variations and pre-operative imaging technique concerning the anterolateral thigh flap : guiding the surgeonReview, Pictorial
2016Do prevalence expectations affect patterns of visual search and decision-making in interpreting CT colonography endoluminal videos ?Paper, Full
2016EMERGENCY RADIOLOGY SPECIAL FEATURE : COMMENTARY Emergency radiology in the United States — a stepchild finding its wayBaker, Stephen R
2016Post-mortem CT and MRI : appropriate post-mortem imaging appearances and changes related to cardiopulmonary resuscitationOffiah, Curtis E; Dean, Jonathan
2016of Excretory Upper Urinary Differentiating Benign From Study of 98 PatientsRoy, Catherine; Alemann, Guillaume; Bierry, Guillaume; Lang, Herve
2016Yttrium-90 hepatic radioembolization : clinical review and current techniques in interventional radiology and personalized dosimetryArticle, Review
2014Fully Automated Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy Plan Generation for Prostate Cancer PatientsVoet, Peter W J; Dirkx, Maarten L P; Breedveld, Sebastiaan; Al-mamgani, Abrahim; Incrocci, Luca; Heijmen, Ben J M
2016Comparison of image quality characteristics on Silent MR versus conventional MR imaging of brain lesions at 3 TeslaPaper, Full
2016EMERGENCY RADIOLOGY SPECIAL FEATURE : FULL PAPER Individually tailored contrast enhancement in CT pulmonary angiographyHendriks, Babs M F; Kok, Madeleine; Mihl, Casper; Wildberger, Joachim E; Das, Marco; Bekkers, Sebastiaan C A M
2014Dosimetric Predictors of Duodenal Toxicity After Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy for Treatment of the Para-aortic Nodes in Gynecologic CancerVerma, Jonathan; Sulman, Erik P; Jhingran, Anuja; Tucker, Susan L; Rauch, Gaiane M; Eifel, Patricia J; Klopp, Ann H
2016Radiation doses received in the United Kingdom breast screening programme in 2010 to 2012Paper, Full
2016Prospective evaluation of prostate with transrectal spectral Doppler with biopsy correlation : a clinicopathologic studyPaper, Full
2016Focal pleural thickening mimicking pleural plaques on chest computed tomography : tips and tricksReview, Pictorial
2016EMERGENCY RADIOLOGY SPECIAL FEATURE : REVIEW ARTICLE The role of interventional radiology in abdominopelvic traumaIerardi, Anna Maria; Duka, Ejona; Lucchina, Natalie; Floridi, Chiara; Martino, Alessandro D E; Donat, Daniela; Fontana, Federico
2014The Cost of Setting Up and Operating a Hadron Facility et al
2016EMERGENCY RADIOLOGY SPECIAL FEATURE : Ultrasound : the triage tool in the emergency department : using ultrasound firstArticle, Review
2016Randomized clinical trial on 7-days-a-week post-operative radiotherapy vs concurrent post-operative radiochemotherapy in locally advanced cancer of the oral cavity / oropharynx : a report on acute normal tissue reactionsCommunication, Short
2016EMERGENCY RADIOLOGY SPECIAL FEATURE : REVIEW ARTICLE MDCT in ischaemic colitis : how to define the aetiology and acute , subacute and chronic phase of damage in the emergency settingBerritto, Daniela; Iacobellis, Francesca; Mazzei, Maria Antonietta; Volterrani, Luca; Guglielmi, Giuseppe; Brunese, Luca; Grassi, Roberto