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2016Peniphenylanes A-G from the Deep-Sea-Derived Fungus Penicillium fellutanum HDN14-323Zhang, Zhenzhen; Guo, Wenqiang; He, Xueqian; Che, Qian; Zhu, Tianjiao; Gu, Qianqun; Li, Dehai
2016149: Information Needs of Patients Diagnosed with Head and Neck Cancer Undergoing Radiation Therapy: A Survey of Patient SatisfactionKim, Cecilia; Dillon, Ruth; Nica, Luminita; Keyes, Mir; Berthelet, Eric
2016Changes in Plasma Lipid Levels and Antioxidant Activities in Rats after Supplementation of ObtusifolinPapers, Original
2016Chemical Constituents from Campylotropis hirtellaXie, Yang Guo; Li, Tao; Wang, Guo Wei; Ren, Jie; Wang, Xing; Pan, Ya Ping; Li, Hui Liang; Yan, Shi Kai; Jin, Hui Zi; Zhang, Wei Dong
2016Antifungal Indole Alkaloids from Winchia calophyllaYang, Mei Li; Chen, Jia; Sun, Meng; Zhang, Dong Bo; Gao, Kun
2016New Cytotoxic Tigliane Diterpenoids from Croton caudatusChen, Ying Ying; Yang, Kun Xian; Yang, Xing Wei; Khan, Afsar; Liu, Lu; Wang, Bei; Zhao, Yun Li; Liu, Ya Ping; Li, Yan; Luo, Xiao Dong
2016Simultaneous Determination of Aegeline and Six Coumarins from Different Parts of the Plant Aegle marmelos Using UHPLC ‑ PDA ‑ MS and Chiral Separation of Aegeline Enantiomers Using HPLC ‑ ToF ‑ MSPapers, Original
2016Chemical Adulterants in Herbal Medicinal Products :Centers, Control; States, United
2016Tetranorlabdane Diterpenoids from the Deep Sea Sediment-Derived Fungus Aspergillus wentii SD-310Li, Xiao Dong; Li, Xin; Li, Xiao Ming; Xu, Gang Ming; Zhang, Peng; Meng, Ling Hong; Wang, Bin Gui
2016Vapour and Liquid-Phase Artemisia annua Essential Oil Activities against Several Clinical Strains of CandidaSantomauro, Francesca; Donato, Rosa; Sacco, Cristiana; Pini, Gabriella; Flamini, Guido; Bilia, Anna Rita
2016Chemical and Biological Aspects of Marine Sponges from the Family MycalidaeHabener, Leesa J.; Hooper, John N a; Carroll, Anthony R.
2016150: Decisions, Decisions - Patient Centred Decision AID for Oropharyngeal Cancer TreatmentScott, Grace; Lam, Jacqueline; Palma, David; Fung, Kevin; Louie, Alexander
2016Structural characterization of dendrobine-type sesquiterpene alkaloids from the stems of Dendrobium nobile using LC-MS/MSWang, Yh; Avula, B; Abe, N; Wei, F; Wang, M; Ma, Sc; Ali, Z; Elsohly, Ma; Khan, Ia
2016Survey on the Quality of the Top-Selling European and American Botanical Dietary Supplements Containing Boswellic AcidsAbdel-tawab, Mona
2016The Mechanism of the Osteoprotective Action of a Polyphenol-Rich Aronia melanocarpa Extract during Chronic Exposure to Cadmium is Mediated by the Oxidative Defense SystemBrzóska, Malgorzata M.; Rogalska, Joanna; Roszczenko, Alicja; Galazyn-Sidorczuk, Malgorzata; Tomczyk, Michal
2016Secondary Metabolites from the Culture of the Marine Sponge-Associated Fungi Talaromyces tratensis and Sporidesmium circinophorumButtachon, Suradet; May Zin, War War; Dethoup, Tida; Gales, Lu??s; Pereira, Jos?? a.; Silva, Artur M S; Kijjoa, Anake
2016Secondary Metabolites from the Marine Algal-Derived Endophytic Fungi: Chemical Diversity and Biological ActivityZhang, Peng; Li, Xin; Wang, Bin-gui
2016An Ocean of Discovery: Biodiversity beyond the Census of Marine LifeSnelgrove, Paul V R
2016Modulation of CYPs , P ‑ gp , and PXR by Eschscholzia californica ( California Poppy ) and Its AlkaloidsPapers, Original
2016Detection of Ganoderic Acid A in Ganoderma lingzhi by an Indirect Competitive Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent AssaySakamoto, Seiichi; Kohno, Toshitaka; Shimizu, Kuniyoshi; Tanaka, Hiroyuki; Morimoto, Satoshi