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2016The acute and chronic effects of “NO LOAD” resistance trainingCounts, Brittany R.; Buckner, Samuel L.; Dankel, Scott J.; Jessee, Matthew B.; Mattocks, Kevin T.; Mouser, J. Grant; Laurentino, Gilberto C.; Loenneke, Jeremy P.
2016Physiology & Behavior Effects of caffeinated chewing gum on muscle pain during submaximal isometric exercise in individuals with fi bromyalgiaUmeda, Masataka; Kempka, Laura; Weatherby, Amy; Greenlee, Brennan; Mansion, Kimberly
2016The mechanism of 5-lipoxygenase in the impairment of learning and memory in rats subjected to chronic unpredictable mild stressLuo, Ying; Kuang, Shengnan; Xue, Lai; Yang, Junqing
2016Physiology & Behavior Nasal temperature drop in response to a playback of conspeci fi c fi ghts in chimpanzees : A thermo-imaging studyKano, Fumihiro; Hirata, Satoshi; Deschner, Tobias; Behringer, Verena; Call, Josep
2016Physiology & Behavior Mild daily stressors in adulthood may counteract behavioural effects after constant presence of mother during early lifeMrdalj, Jelena; Murison, Robert; Soulé, Jonathan; Marie, Anne; Rød, Kinn; Marita, Anne; Pallesen, Ståle; Grønli, Janne
2016Relational and procedural memory systems in the goldfish brain revealed by trace and delay eyeblink-like conditioningG??mez, a.; Rodr??guez-Exp??sito, B.; Dur??n, E.; Mart??n-Monz??n, I.; Broglio, C.; Salas, C.; Rodr??guez, F.
2016The safety and regulatory process for low calorie sweeteners in the United StatesRoberts, Ashley
2016Thyroid function and neuropsychological status in older adults.Shrestha, Srishti; Bloom, Michael S; Yucel, Recai; Seegal, Richard F; Rej, Robert; McCaffrey, Robert J; Fitzgerald, Edward F
2016Uric acid excretion predicts increased aggression in urban adolescentsMrug, Sylvie; Mrug, Michal
2016The role of dose and restriction state on morphine-, cocaine-, and LiCl-induced suppression of saccharin intake: A comprehensive analysisTwining, Robert C.; Freet, Christopher S.; Wheeler, Robert a.; Reich, Christian G.; Tompers, Dennie a.; Wolpert, Sarah E.; Grigson, Patricia S.
2016SPERMATOGENESIS : THE COMMITMENT TOGriswold, Michael D; Griswold, Michael D
2016Physiology & Behavior Understanding the role of personality and alexithymia in food preferences and PROP taste perceptionRobino, Antonietta; Mezzavilla, Massimo; Pirastu, Nicola; La, Martina; Gasparini, Paolo; Carlino, Davide; Tepper, Beverly J
2016Exogenous oxytocin reduces signs of sickness behavior and modifies heart rate fluctuations of endotoxemic ratsReyes-Lagos, Jos?? Javier; Hadamitzky, Martin; Pe??a-Castillo, Miguel ??Ngel; Echeverr??a, Juan Carlos; B??sche, Katharina; L??ckemann, Laura; Schedlowski, Manfred; Pacheco-L??pez, Gustavo
2016Telomere length covaries with personality in wild brown troutAdriaenssens, Bart; Pauliny, Angela; Blomqvist, Donald; Johnsson, J??rgen I.
2016Why can't we control our food intake? The downside of dietary variety on learned satiety responsesMartin, Ashley a.
2016The impact of posttraumatic stress disorder versus resilience on nocturnal autonomic nervous system activity as functions of sleep stage and time of sleepKobayashi, Ihori; Lavela, Joseph; Bell, Kimberly; Mellman, Thomas a.
2016Cardiac structure and function in adolescent Sherpa ; effect of habitual altitude and developmental stageStembridge, Mike; Ainslie, Philip N; Donnelly, Joseph; Macleod, Nicholas T; Joshi, Suchita; Hughes, Michael G; Sherpa, Kami; Shave, Rob
2016The food-insecurity obesity paradox: A resource scarcity hypothesisDhurandhar, Emily J.
2016Neurovascular cross talk in diabetic retinopathy: Pathophysiological roles and therapeutic implications.Moran, Elizabeth P; Wang, Zhongxiao; Chen, Jing; Sapieha, Przemyslaw; Smith, Lois E H; Ma, Jian-Xing
2016Physiology & Behavior Differential organization of male copulatory patterns in high- and low-yawning-frequency sublines versus outbred Sprague – Dawley ratsEguibar, Jose R; Cortes, Carmen; Toriz, Cesar G; Romero-carbente, Jose C; González-flores, Oscar; Fernández-guasti, Alonso