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2016Intracellular traf fi cking of a pH-responsive drug metal complexKheirolomoom, Azadeh; Ingham, Elizabeth S; Commisso, Joel; Abushaban, Neveen; Ferrara, Katherine W
2016Tacrolimus and curcumin co-loaded liposphere gel : Synergistic combination towards management of psoriasisJain, Anjali; Doppalapudi, Sindhu; Domb, Abraham J; Khan, Wahid
2016Effect of intraocular pressure ( IOP ) and choroidal circulation on controlled episcleral drug delivery to retina / vitreous ☆Li, Jie; Lan, Bifei; Li, Xiaoli; Sun, Shumao; Lu, Ping; Cheng, Lingyun
2016On the article “ Findings questioning the involvement of Sigma-1 receptor in the uptake of anisamide-decorated particles ” Letter to the Editor 1 ( September 14 , 2016 )Nih, The; Ko, Sigma; Ko, Sigma
2016Nanoparticles-in- fi lm for the combined vaginal delivery of anti-HIV microbicide drugsCunha-reis, Cassilda; Machado, Alexandra; Barreiros, Luísa; Araújo, Francisca; Nunes, Rute; Seabra, Vítor; Ferreira, Domingos; Segundo, Marcela A; Sarmento, Bruno
2016Induced Neural Differentiation of MMP-2 Cleaved ( RADA ) 4 Drug Delivery SystemsKoss, K; Tsui, C; Unsworth, L D
2016Smart nanoparticles with a detachable outer shell for maximized synergistic antitumor ef fi cacy of therapeutics with varying physicochemical propertiesYin, Tingjie; Liu, Jiyong; Zhao, Zekai; Dong, Lihui; Cai, Han; Yin, Lifang; Zhou, Jianping; Huo, Meirong
2016The Rules of 3Frijlink, E; Groningen, Rijksuniversiteit; Lee, G
2016Calendar of Events
2016Macroporous acrylamide phantoms improve prediction of in vivo performance of in situ forming implantsHernandez, Christopher; Gawlik, Natalia; Goss, Monika; Zhou, Haoyan; Jeganathan, Selva; Gilbert, Danielle; Exner, Agata A
2016Targeted delivery of siRNA to activated T cells via transferrin-polyethylenimine ( Tf-PEI ) as a potential therapy of asthmaXie, Yuran; Hyung, Na; Nadithe, Venkatareddy; Schalk, Dana; Thakur, Archana; Lum, Lawrence G; Bassett, David J P; Merkel, Olivia M
2016Docetaxel-loaded polyglutamic acid-PEG nanocapsules for the treatment of metastatic cancerBorrajo, Erea; Abellan-pose, Raquel; Soto, Atenea; Garcia-fuentes, Marcos; Csaba, Noemi; Alonso, Maria J; Vidal, Anxo
2016Part I : Minicircle vector technology limits DNA size restrictions on ex vivo gene delivery using nanoparticle vectors : Overcoming a translational barrier in neural stem cell therapyFernandes, Alinda R; Chari, Divya M
2016A stabilized peptide ligand for multifunctional glioma targeted drug deliveryYing, Man; Shen, Qing; Zhan, Changyou; Wei, Xiaoli; Gao, Jie; Xie, Cao; Yao, Bingxin; Lu, Weiyue
2016Macrophage-based cell therapies : The long and winding road ☆Lee, Simon; Kivimäe, Saul; Dolor, Aaron; Szoka, Francis C
2016Anticancer drug-loaded hydrogels as drug delivery systems for the local treatment of glioblastomaBastiancich, C; Danhier, P; Préat, V; Danhier, F
2016Drug and alcohol dependence
2016Ultrasound-guided therapeutic modulation of hepatocellular carcinoma using complementary microRNAsMullick, Sayan; Wang, Tzu-yin; Bachawal, Sunitha; Devulapally, Rammohan; Woo, Jung; Elkacem, Abou; Khuri, Butrus; Wang, David S; Tian, Lu; Paulmurugan, Ramasamy; Willmann, Jürgen K
2016NFL-lipid nanocapsules for brain neural stem cell targeting in vitro and in vivoCarradori, Dario; Saulnier, Patrick; Préat, Véronique; Eyer, Joel
2016A New Method for Evaluating Actual Drug Release Kinetics of Nanoparticles inside Dialysis Devices via Numerical Deconvolution ☆Zhou, Yousheng; He, Chunsheng; Chen, Kuan; Ni, Jieren; Cai, Yu; Guo, Xiaodi; Yu, Xiao