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2016Morphologic Features of ALK-negative Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphomas With DUSP22 RearrangementsKing, Rebecca L; Dao, Linda N; Mcphail, Ellen D; Jaffe, Elaine S; Said, Jonathan; Swerdlow, Steven H; Sattler, Christopher A; Ketterling, Rhett P; Sidhu, Jagmohan S; Hsi, Eric D; Karikehalli, Shridevi; Jiang, Liuyan; Gibson, Sarah E; Ondrejka, Sarah L; Nicolae, Alina; M
2016BCL2 Protein Frequently Harbor BCL2 Gene Break and May Present 1p36 DeletionSzablewski, Vanessa; Ingen-housz-oro, Saskia; Baia, Maryse
2016Differential Diagnosis of MeningealMacagno, Nicolas; Figarella-branger, Dominique
2016Introducing AJSP : Reviews & ReportsPasquarello, Daniel
2016Angioimmunoblastic T-cell Lymphomas With the RHOA p . Gly17Val Mutation Have Classic Clinical and Pathologic FeaturesOndrejka, Sarah L; Grzywacz, Bartosz; Bodo, Juraj; Makishima, Hideki; Polprasert, Chantana; Said, Jonathan W
2016Intestinal Metaplasia is Present in Most if Not All Patients Who Have Undergone Endoscopic Mucosal Resection for Esophageal AdenocarcinomaSmith, Jennifer; Garcia, Alfred; Zhang, Ruth; Demeester, Steven; Vallone, John; Chandrasoma, Parakrama
2016High Expression of Intestinal Homing Receptor CD103 inLymphoma, Adult T-cell Leukemia; Other, Similar; Lymphomas, C D T-cell
2016Intraductal Papillary Mucinous Neoplasms Often Contain Epithelium From Multiple Subtypes and / or Are UnclassifiableSchaberg, Kurt B; Dimaio, Michael A; Longacre, Teri A
2016Erratum to “Introduction” [Seminars in Diagnostic Pathology 33(5) (2016) 243]Wick, Mark R.
2016Primary Retroperitoneal Myxoid LiposarcomasSetsu, Nokitaka; Miyake, Mototaka; Wakai, Susumu
2016Demonstration of Trophozoites of G . Lamblia in Ileal Mucosal Biopsy Specimens May Reveal Giardiasis in Patients With Significantly Inflamed Parasite-freeMucosa, Duodenal; Oberhuber, Georg; Mesteri, Ildiko; Kopf, Wolfram; Mu, Heiko
2016O RIGINAL A RTICLE A Consensus for Classification and Pathologic Reporting of Pseudomyxoma Peritonei and Associated Appendiceal Neoplasia The Results of the Peritoneal Surface Oncology Group International ( PSOGI ) Modified Delphi ProcessCarr, Norman J; Cecil, Thomas D; Mohamed, Faheez; Sobin, Leslie H; Sugarbaker, Paul H; Gonza, Santiago; Taflampas, Panos; Chapman, Sara; Moran, Brendan J
2016Birth and evolution of the desmoplastic small round-cell tumorde Alava, Enrique; Marcilla, David
2016TopicsWelsh, Cynthia T
2016TopicsWelsh, Cynthia T
2016Distorted Patterns of Dentinogenesis and Eruption in Msx2 Null Mutants: Involvement of Sost/SclerostinAmri, Nawel; Djol??, St??phane X.; Petit, St??phane; Babajko, Sylvie; Coudert, Am??lie E.; Castaneda, Beatriz; Simon, St??phane; Berdal, Ariane
2016Carcinoma of the Uterine Cervix Involving the Genitourinary Tract A Potential Diagnostic DilemmaSchwartz, Lauren E; Khani, Francesca; Bishop, Justin A; Vang, Russell; Epstein, Jonathan I
2016SAG/Rbx2-Dependent Neddylation Regulates T-Cell ResponsesMathewson, Nathan D.; Fujiwara, Hideaki; Wu, Shin-Rong; Toubai, Tomomi; Oravecz-Wilson, Katherine; Sun, Yaping; Rossi, Corinne; Zajac, Cynthia; Sun, Yi; Reddy, Pavan
2016Transection of Radioactive Seeds in Breast SpecimensGilcrease, Michael Z; Dogan, Basak E; Black, Dalliah M; Contreras, Alejandro; Dryden, Mark J; Jimenez, Sandra M