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2016Gait & Posture Vitamin d is related to gait recovery after total hip arthroplasty : A prospective analysisMatos, Bernardo; Dal, Aline; Oliveira, Sandro Barbosa De; David, Ana Cristina De; Santos-neto, Leopoldo Luiz
2016Gait & Posture Evaluation of gait , relapse and compliance in clubfoot treatment with custom-made orthosesManousaki, Evgenia; Czuba, Tomasz; Hägglund, Gunnar; Mattsson, Louise
2016Gait & Posture Short communication A soft ankle brace increases soleus Hoffman re fl ex amplitude but does not modify presynaptic inhibition during upright standingPavailler, Sébastien; Forestier, Nicolas; Hintzy, Frédérique; Horvais, Nicolas; Lapole, Thomas
2016Liposomal Bupivacaine Versus Femoral Nerve Block for Pain Control After Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: A Prospective Randomized TrialJung, Edward K; Mehran, Nima; Owashi, Eric; Moutzouros, Vasilios
2016Long-Term Restoration of Anterior Shoulder Stability : A Retrospective Analysis of Arthroscopic Bankart Repair Versus Open Latarjet ProcedureUrgery, S; Ncorporated, I; Gerber, Christian
2016Gait & Posture Ambulatory activity classification with dendogram-based support vector machine : Application in lower-limb active exoskeletonMazumder, Oishee; Sankar, Ananda; Kumar, Prasanna
2016Gait & Posture Temporal and spatial gait parameters in children with Cri du Chat Syndrome under single and dual task conditionsAbbruzzese, Laurel D; Salazar, Rachel; Aubuchon, Maddie; Rao, Ashwini K; Otr, L
2016Gait & Posture Orthotic correction of lower limb function during gait does not immediately in fl uence spinal kinematics in spastic hemiplegic cerebral palsySchmid, Stefan; Romkes, Jacqueline; Taylor, William R; Lorenzetti, Silvio; Brunner, Reinald
2016Gait & Posture Foot alignments in fl uence the effect of knee adduction moment with lateral wedge insoles during gaitSawada, Tomonori; Tokuda, Kazuki; Tanimoto, Kenji; Iwamoto, Yoshitaka; Ogata, Yuta
2016Gait & Posture Reference data for performances on the standardized walking obstacle course in children developing typicallyKott, Karen M; Held, Sharon; Ndt, C; Franjoine, Mary Rose; Ndt, C
2016Gait & Posture Postural sway in children : A literature reviewVerbecque, Evi; Vereeck, Luc; Hallemans, Ann
2016Gait & Posture A smartphone-based architecture to detect and quantify freezing of gait in Parkinson ’ s diseaseCapecci, Marianna; Pepa, Lucia; Verdini, Federica; Gabriella, Maria
2016Gait & Posture The rotational pro fi le : A study of lower limb axial torsion , hip rotation , and the foot progression angle in healthy adultsHudson, David; Ph, D
2016Gait & Posture Con fl icting and non-con fl icting visual cues lead to error in gait initiation and gait inhibition in individuals with freezing of gaitBeaulne-séguin, Zacharie; Nantel, Julie
2016Gait & Posture Movement analysis for the assessment of surgical reconstruction of elbow extension by tendon transfer in C5 / C6 tetraplegiaSarcher, Aurelie; Brochard, Sylvain; Raison, Maxime; Leboeuf, Fabien; Perrouin-verbe, Brigitte; Gross, Raphael
2016Gait & Posture Presentation of a functional in vitro biomechanical knee systemBunt, F Van De; Emanuel, K S; Kooren, P N; Wijffels, T; Kingma, I; Royen, B J Van; Smit, T H
2016Gait & Posture A multi-resolution investigation for postural transition detection and quanti fi cation using a single wearableHickey, Aodhán; Galna, Brook; Mathers, John C; Rochester, Lynn; Godfrey, Alan
2016Gait & Posture In fl uence of a rhythmic auditory stimulation on asymptomatic gaitSchreiber, Céline; Remacle, Angélique; Chantraine, Frédéric; Kolanowski, Elizabeth; Moissenet, Florent
2016Gait & Posture Do scapula kinematics during throwing change as a result of a functional fatiguing protocol ?Bencke, Jesper; Jensen, Mille Juul; Dam, Mogens; Stepper, Christian; Sørensen, Henrik; Zebis, Mette; Møller, Merete
2016Gait & Posture Biofeedback-assisted learning of scapula dynamic control is influenced by the dimensionality of the feedback informationCarnide, Filomena; Matias, Ricardo; Antunes, Ana