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2016Positive Rates of Preliminary Crossmatches Among Transplantation Candidates Waitlisted for Different Organs in the Korean Network for Organ SharingPark, M H; Kim, S; Hwang, H; Park, H; Kwak, J; Kwon, E K; Sung, H Y; Han, B
2016Transplant : Preliminary Results From a Multicenter StudyGentil, M A; Perelló, M; Zarraga, S; Lauzurica, L R; Alonso, A; Franco, A
2016Nafamostat Mesilate Attenuates Ischemia-Reperfusion e Induced Renal InjuryChoi, H; Jeong, J Y; Lee, K W; Choi, D E
2016An Improved Classification of Kidney Function Recovery Using Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate Slope Post-transplantationHassanain, M; Simoneau, E; Doi, S A; Hebert, M; Metrakos, P; Tchervenkov, J
2016and Good Outcomes of Living Kidney Donors in KoreaLim, H J; Jambaldorj, E; Lee, Y; Kang, S S; Koo, T Y; Ahn, C; Yang, J
2016Is Signature Size Associated With Organ Donor Designation on Driver's Licenses?Al, Scallan E T
2016Abdominal Organ Transplant Center Tobacco Use Policies Vary by Organ Program TypeCote, D R; Chirichella, T J; Noon, K A; Shafran, D M; Augustine, J J; Schulak, J A; Sanchez, E Q; Woodside, K J
2016Video-Based E-Learning in Communication Skills for Physicians Provides Higher Agreement to Tissue DonationKruijff, P E Vorstius; Vos, M L G De; Jansen, N E; Slappendel, R
2016Genetic Traits in the Liver Anatomy Between Parents and Children: An Analysis of Liver Transplant Recipients and Living DonorsJeong, M J; Hwang, S; Song, G W; Jung, D H; Ha, T Y; Park, G C; Alshahrani, A A; Kirchner, V A; Beduschi, T; Lee, S G
2016Comparison of Upper Midline Incision With and Without Laparoscopic Assistance for Living-Donor Right HepatectomyShen, S; Zhang, W; Jiang, L; Yan, L; Yang, J
2016Safety of Monitoring Viral and Liver Function Markers in Patients With Prior Resolved Hepatitis B Infection After Kidney TransplantationMaekawa, H; Yazawa, M; Koitabashi, K; Imai, N; Kawarazaki, H; Nakazawa, R; Sasaki, H; Chikaraishi, T; Shibagaki, Y
2016Clinical Factors Implicated in Primary Graft Dysfunction After Heart Transplantation: A Single-center ExperienceRajapreyar, I; Yeh, Y C; Choi, S; Akkanti, B; Sieg, A; Weeks, P; Patel, M; Patel, J; Nathan, S; Kar, B; Loyalka, P; Gregoric, I
2016Primary Kidney Transplant Recipients at a Single CenterCiancio, G; Tryphonopoulos, P; Gaynor, J J; Guerra, G; Sageshima, J; Roth, D; Chen, L; Kupin, W; Mattiazzi, A; Tueros, L; Flores, S; Hanson, L; Powell, R H; Ruiz, P; Vianna, R; Iii, G W Burke
2016Organ Donation After Euthanasia in the Netherlands: A Case ReportWijngaarden, A K S Van; Westerloo, D J Van; Ringers, J
2016Comparison of the Ovary and Kidney as Sites for Islet Transplantation in Diabetic RatsKarakose, M; Pinarli, F A; Arslan, M S; Boyuk, G; Boztok, B; Albayrak, A; Ulus, A T; Cakal, E; Delibasi, T
2016Acute Graft Pyelonephritis Occurring up to 30 Days After Kidney Transplantation: Epidemiology, Risk Factors, and SurvivalKroth, L V; Barreiro, F F; Saitovitch, D; Traesel, M A; Avila, D O L
2016Comparison of the RIFLE, AKIN, and KDIGO Diagnostic Classifications for Acute Renal Injury in Patients Undergoing Liver TransplantationErdost, H A; Ozkardesler, S; Akan, M; Iyilikci, L; Unek, T; Ocmen, E; Dalak, R M; Astarcioglu, I
2016Meta-analysis on the Safety and Ef fi cacy of the Reperfusion Use of a Single High Dose of Anti e T-Lymphocyte Globulin Fresenius in Kidney TransplantationDu, X; Wang, W; Su, L L
2017A2 to B Blood Type Incompatible Deceased Donor Kidney Transplantation in a Recipient Infected with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus: A Case ReportForbes, R C; Demers, A; Concepcion, B P; Moore, D R; Schaefer, H M; Shaffer, D
2017The transplantation science symposium asian regional meetingAffiliated, A Publication O F