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Title: Pathobiology of Experimental Acute Pancreatitis
Authors: Steer, Michael Lewis
Issue Date: 1992
Publisher: Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine
Description: Pancreatic duct obstruction, even in the absence of biliary obstruction and/or bile reflux into the pancreatic duct, can trigger acute hemorrhagic necrotizing pancreatitis. The earliest changes are seen within acinar cells. Early derangements in acinar cell biology include inhibition of digestive enzyme secretion and the co-localization of lysosomal hydrolases with digestive enzyme zymogens. Under appropriate conditions, this co-localization could lead to digestive enzyme activation within acinar cells.
Other Identifiers: Steer, M. L. 1992. Pathobiology of experimental acute pancreatitis. The Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine 65(5): 421-440.
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