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2015Differences in Clinicopathology of Early Gastric Carcinoma between Proximal and Distal Location in 438 Chinese PatientsHuang, Qin; Fang, Cheng; Shi, Jiong; Sun, Qi; Wu, Hongyan; Gold, Jason S.; Weber, H. Christian; Guan, Wenyan; Zhang, Yifen; Yu, Chenggong; Zou, Xiaoping; Mashimo, Hiroshi
2015Cytology Specimen Management, Triage and Standardized Reporting of Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsies of the PancreasYoon, Won Jae; Bishop Pitman, Martha
2015Directed Differentiation of Pluripotent Stem Cells into KidneyMorizane, Ryuji; Lam, Albert Q
2015Effects of Air Pollution and the Introduction of the London Low Emission Zone on the Prevalence of Respiratory and Allergic Symptoms in Schoolchildren in East London: A Sequential Cross-Sectional StudyWood, Helen E.; Marlin, Nadine; Mudway, Ian S.; Bremner, Stephen A.; Cross, Louise; Dundas, Isobel; Grieve, Andrew; Grigg, Jonathan; Jamaludin, Jeenath B.; Kelly, Frank J.; Lee, Tak; Sheikh, Aziz; Walton, Robert; Griffiths, Christopher J.
2015Familial idiopathic normal pressure hydrocephalusHuovinen, Joel; Kastinen, Sami; Komulainen, Simo; Oinas, Minna; Avellan, Cecilia; Franzen, Janek; Rinne, Jaakko; Ronkainen, Antti; Kauppinen, Mikko; Lönroth, Kimmo; Perola, Markus; Pyykkö, Okko T; Koivisto, Anne M; Remes, Anne M; Hiltunen, Mikko; Helisalmi, Seppo; Kurki, Mitja; Jääskeläinen, Juha E; Leinonen, Ville
2015The Contribution of Cervicovaginal Infections to the Immunomodulatory Effects of Hormonal ContraceptionFichorova, Raina N.; Chen, Pai-Lien; Morrison, Charles S.; Doncel, Gustavo F.; Mendonca, Kevin; Kwok, Cynthia; Chipato, Tsungai; Salata, Robert; Mauck, Christine
2015Self Portrait With Dr. Arrieta and the Medical Profession's Tenuous Status in the Public EyeKatz, Joel T.; Khoshbin, Shahram
2015A Refined Neuronal Population Measure of Visual AttentionMayo, J. Patrick; Cohen, Marlene R.; Maunsell, John H. R.
2015HdhQ111 Mice Exhibit Tissue Specific Metabolite Profiles that Include Striatal Lipid AccumulationCarroll, Jeffrey B.; Deik, Amy; Fossale, Elisa; Weston, Rory M.; Guide, Jolene R.; Arjomand, Jamshid; Kwak, Seung; Clish, Clary B.; MacDonald, Marcy E.
2015Returners and explorers dichotomy in human mobilityPappalardo, Luca; Simini, Filippo; Rinzivillo, Salvatore; Pedreschi, Dino; Giannotti, Fosca; Barabási, Albert-László
2015Drug Induced Liver Injury: Review with a Focus on Genetic Factors, Tissue Diagnosis, and Treatment OptionsKhoury, Tawfik; Rmeileh, Ayman Abu; Yosha, Liron; Benson, Ariel A.; Daher, Saleh; Mizrahi, Meir
2015An introduction to implementation science for the non-specialistBauer, Mark S.; Damschroder, Laura; Hagedorn, Hildi; Smith, Jeffrey; Kilbourne, Amy M.
2015Stem Cell Differentiation and Therapeutic UseAlexander, Matthew S.; Casar, Juan Carlos; Motohashi, Norio
2015Maternal health care seeking by rural Tibetan women: characteristics of women delivering at a newly-constructed birth center in western ChinaGyaltsen, Kunchok; Gipson, Jessica D.; Gyal, Lhusham; Kyi, Tsering; Hicks, Andrew L.; Pebley, Anne R.
2014In Vivo Imaging of Histone Deacetylases (HDACs) in the Central Nervous System and Major Peripheral OrgansWang, Changning; Schroeder, Frederick A.; Wey, Hsiao-Ying; Borra, Ronald; Wagner, Florence F.; Reis, Surya; Kim, Sung Won; Holson, Edward B.; Haggarty, Stephen J.; Hooker, Jacob M.
2015Rapid, high efficiency isolation of pancreatic ß-cellsClardy, Susan M.; Mohan, James F.; Vinegoni, Claudio; Keliher, Edmund J.; Iwamoto, Yoshiko; Benoist, Christophe; Mathis, Diane; Weissleder, Ralph
2015RE: Efficacy of Cervical Interlaminar Epidural Steroid InjectionsManchikanti, Laxmaiah; Benyamin, Ramsin; Kaye, Alan David; Hirsch, Joshua A.
2015Improving documentation and coding for acute organ dysfunction biases estimates of changing sepsis severity and burden: a retrospective studyRhee, Chanu; Murphy, Michael V.; Li, Lingling; Platt, Richard; Klompas, Michael
2015Structural Features of the αβTCR Mechanotransduction Apparatus That Promote pMHC DiscriminationBrazin, Kristine N.; Mallis, Robert J.; Das, Dibyendu Kumar; Feng, Yinnian; Hwang, Wonmuk; Wang, Jia-huai; Wagner, Gerhard; Lang, Matthew J.; Reinherz, Ellis L.
2014Ankyrin-G Regulates Neurogenesis and Wnt Signaling by Altering the Subcellular Localization of β-cateninDurak, Omer; de Anda, Froylan Calderon; Singh, Karun K.; Leussis, Melanie P.; Petryshen, Tracey L.; Sklar, Pamela; Tsai, Li-Huei