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2015Early Growth Response genes 2 and 3 play a role in chronic inflammation pathology and are essential for the differentiation of T follicular helper cellsLi, S; Wang, P; Ogbe, Ane Theodora
2015Emotion recognition in the human face and voiceWydell, T; Garrido, L; Kuhn, Lisa Katharina
2015Facial motion perception in autism spectrum disorder and neurotypical controlsSpencer, J; O'Brien, J; Girges, Christine
2011Power, emotions and embodied knowledges: doing PAR with poor young people in El SalvadorAnsell, N; Smith, F; Van Wijnendaele, Barbara
2015The antecedents and psychological outcomes of perceived rejection from one’s heritage cultureMarshall, T; Ferenczi, Nelli
2014Strategy and strategising: an examination of sports clubs privatisation strategy in Saudi ArabiaGirginov, V; Hills, L; Alhakami, Fawaz
2008An exploration of the trauma histories, dissociative experiences and psychopathic features of murderersReynolds, M; Newberry, Michelle T.
2015The extended acculturation model for locals: validation, outcomes, and antecedentsTC Marshall,; Lefringhausen, Katharina
2015The role of vowel hyperarticulation in clear speech to foreigners and infantsWilliams A; Kangatharan, Jayanthiny
2014Mechanical muscle properties and intermuscular coordination in maximal and submaximal cycling: theoretical and practical implicationsKorff, T; Martin, J; Barratt, Paul
2014Mechanisms of senescence bypass in cells derived from the Syrian hamster embryo cell transformation assayNewbold, R; Harvey, A; Scott, A; Pickles, Jessica Chiara
2014Limb tissue haemodynamic responses and regulation in the heat-stressed human: role of local vs. central thermosensitive mechanisms at rest and during small muscle mass exerciseGonzalez-Alonso, J; Rakobowchuk, M; Chiesa, Scott Thomas
2015Circulatory limitations to exercise capacity in humans: the impact of heat stress and dehydration on brain and muscle blood flow and metabolismGonzalez-Alonso J; Trangmar, Steven John
2014Long-term effects of oestrogenic effluent exposure on wild fish populationsJobling S; Sumpter J; Nicol, Elizabeth
2014The war of positions: football in post-conflict Bosnia-HerzegovinaArmstrong, G; Vest, Emily Kate
2014Assessing the roles of anti-androgenic and oestrogenic mixtures on endocrine disruption in fishJobling, S; Brian, J; Baynes, A; Green, Christopher
2015Transcriptional responses to ionising radiation for biological dosimetry purposesSlijepcevic, P; Badie, C; Kabacik, Sylwia
2015Bioavailability of organic contaminants in riversScrimshaw, M; Jobling, S; Onogbosele, Cyril Oziegbe
2014The applicability of the "read-across hypothesis" for assessing the effects of human pharmaceuticals on fishRand-Weaver M; Patel, Alpa
2013Identifying the visual information and processes underlying expert judgements of deceptive intentJackson, R; Barton, Hayley