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2016Radiotherapy-related acute myeloid leukaemia with KMT2A amplification
2015CCR 20 th Anniversary Commentary CCR 20 th Anniversary Commentary : Divide and Conquer — Breast Cancer Subtypes and Response to Therapy CCR 20 th Anniversary CommentaryPusztai, Lajos; Rouzier, Roman; Symmans, W Fraser
2015CCR FOCUS EGFR : The Paradigm of an Oncogene-Driven Lung CancerRiely, Gregory J; Yu, Helena A
2015Palbociclib for the Treatment of Estrogen Receptor – Positive , HER2-Negative Metastatic Breast CancerMorikawa, Aki; Henry, N Lynn
2015The NEDD8-Activating Enzyme Inhibitor MLN4924 Disrupts Nucleotide Metabolism and Augments the Ef fi cacy of CytarabineNawrocki, Steffan T; Kelly, Kevin R; Smith, Peter G; Keaton, Mignon; Carraway, Hetty; Sekeres, Mikkael A; Maciejewski, Jaroslaw P; Carew, Jennifer S
2015Imaging Intratumor Heterogeneity : Role in Therapy Response , Resistance , and Clinical OutcomeConnor, James P B O; Rose, Chris J; Waterton, John C; Carano, Richard A D; Parker, Geoff J M; Jackson, Alan
2015Induction of PD-L1 Expression by the EML4 – ALK Oncoprotein and Downstream Signaling Pathways in Non – Small Cell Lung CancerOta, Keiichi; Azuma, Koichi; Kawahara, Akihiko; Hattori, Satoshi; Iwama, Eiji; Tanizaki, Junko; Harada, Taishi; Matsumoto, Koichiro; Takayama, Koichi; Takamori, Shinzo; Kage, Masayoshi; Hoshino, Tomoaki; Nakanishi, Yoichi; Okamoto, Isamu
2015A Phase I Trial of AT9283 ( a Selective Inhibitor of Aurora Kinases ) in Children and Adolescents with Solid Tumors : A Cancer Research UK StudyMoreno, Lucas; Marshall, Lynley V; Pearson, Andrew D J; Morland, Bruce; Elliott, Martin; Campbell-hewson, Quentin; Makin, Guy; Halford, Sarah E R; Acton, Gary; Ross, Philip; Kazmi-stokes, Shamim; Lock, Victoria; Rodriguez, Ana; Lyons, John F; Boddy, Alan V; Grif, Melani
2016Results of a multicentre UK-wide retrospective study evaluating the efficacy of pixantrone in relapsed , refractory diffuse large B cell lymphomaEyre, Toby A; Linton, Kim M; Rohman, Phillipa; Kothari, Jaimal; Cwynarski, Kate; Ardeshna, Kirit; Bailey, Chris; Osborne, Wendy L; Rowntree, Clare; Eden, Dewi; Shankara, Paneesha; Eyre, David W
2015What Factors Are Necessary for the Safe and Feasible Performance of Total Gastrectomy ?Takahashi, Tsunehiro; Takeuchi, Hiroya; Kitagawa, Yuko
2016british journal of haematologyCarrington, President P; Toh, Secretary C H; Fegan, Treasurer C; Street, White Lion; Cotter, Finbarr; Jerusalem, Deborah Rund; London, R Auer; London, N Cooper; Boston, A Evens; Cardiff, C Fegan; Cardiff, R Hills; Cork, I M Hann; London, B Bain; Vancouver, C J Eaves; L
2016Allogeneic transplantation provides durable remission in a subset of DLBCL patients relapsing after autologous transplantationFenske, Timothy S; Ahn, Kwang W; Graff, Tara M; Digilio, Alyssa; Kamble, Rammurti T; Bacher, Ulrike; Jonathan, E; Cairo, Mitchell; Chen, Yi-bin
2016How we diagnose and treat vitreoretinal lymphomaFend, Falko
2015Safety and Tumor Speci fi city of Cetuximab- IRDye800 for Surgical Navigation in Head and Neck CancerRosenthal, Eben L; Warram, Jason M; Boer, Esther De; Chung, Thomas K; Korb, Melissa L; Brandwein-gensler, Margie; Strong, Theresa V; Schmalbach, Cecelia E; Morlandt, Anthony B; Agarwal, Garima; Hartman, Yolanda E; Carroll, William R; Richman, Joshua S; Clemons, Lisa K
2015Molecular Pathways : Overcoming Radiation Resistance by Targeting DNA Damage Response PathwaysMorgan, Meredith A; Lawrence, Theodore S
2015Signi fi cance of Circulating Tumor Cells in Metastatic Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Patients within a Randomized , Phase II Trial : TBCRC 019Kidwell, Kelley M; Aung, Kimberly; Paoletti, Costanza; Li, Yufeng; Mu, Maria C; Thomas, G; Brown, Martha E; Abramson, Vandana G; Jr, William J Irvin; Lin, Nancy U; Liu, Minetta C; Nanda, Rita; Nangia, Julie R; Storniolo, Anna M; Traina, Tiffany A; Vaklavas, Christos; Poz
2015Sequence Variation in Mature MicroRNA-499 Confers Unfavorable Prognosis of Lung Cancer Patients Treated with Platinum-Based ChemotherapyQiu, Fuman; Yang, Lei; Ling, Xiaoxuan; Yang, Rongrong; Yang, Xiaorong; Zhang, Lisha; Fang, Wenxiang; Xie, Chenli; Huang, Dongsheng; Zhou, Yifeng; Lu, Jiachun
2015Translational Impact of Nanoparticle – Drug Conjugate CRLX101 with or without Bevacizumab in Advanced Ovarian CancerPham, Elizabeth; Birrer, Michael J; Eliasof, Scott; Garmey, Edward G; Lazarus, Douglas; Lee, Christina R; Man, Shan; Matulonis, Ursula A; Peters, Christian G; Xu, Ping; Krasner, Carolyn; Kerbel, Robert S
2016British Journal of HaematologyJournal, British
2015Detection and Dynamic Changes of EGFR Mutations from Circulating Tumor DNA as a Predictor of Survival Outcomes in NSCLC Patients Treated with First-line Intercalated Erlotinib and ChemotherapyMok, Tony; Wu, Yi-long; Lee, Jin Soo; Yu, Chong-jen; Sriuranpong, Virote; Sandoval-tan, Jennifer; Ladrera, Guia; Thongprasert, Sumitra; Srimuninnimit, Vichien