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2016Compliance Counseling Improves Outcomes of Bracing for Patients with Idiopathic ScoliosisReinker, Kent Alan
2016OrthopaedicInacio, Maria C S; Paxton, Elizabeth W; Dillon, Mark T
2016Characteristics of Prevalent Vertebral FracturesMk, Karlsson; Kherad, M; Hasserius, R; Nilsson, Jan- A; Ir, Johnell; Ohlsson, C; Lorentzon, M; Mellstr, D; Rosengren, Bj E
2016Development and Validation of Perioperative Risk- Adjustment Models for Hip Fracture Repair, Total Hip Arthroplasty, and Total Knee ArthroplastyUrgery, S; Ncorporated, I
2016More Isn’t Always Better, But Is Less?Pb, Ebeling
2016Is There a “Best” Road to Rome?Letts, M
2016What Will We Do Now with the Super-Obese Patient Undergoing Total Hip Arthroplasty?Robinson, Raymond Paul
2016Prelude to a Biological Phenotype for OsteoarthritisBowden, A
2016Commentary & Perspective
2016Cost-Effectiveness of Bariatric Surgery Prior to Total Knee Arthroplasty in the Morbidly ObeseMclawhorn, Alexander S; Southren, Daniel; Wang, Y Claire; Marx, Robert G; Dodwell, Emily R
2016Is BMI an Independent Risk Factor for Unfavorable Outcomes Following Total Hip Arthroplasty?Toossi, N; Na, Johanson
2016Once Again, the Status of the Rotator Cuff Does Not Correlate with Patient SymptomsKhazzam, M
2016Progression of Hip Dysplasia inLangereis, Eveline J; Os, Matthijs M Den; Breen, Catherine; Jones, Simon A; Knaven, Olga C; Mercer, Jean; Miller, Weston P; Kelly, Paula M; Kennedy, Jim; Ketterl, Tyler G; Meara, Anne O; Orchard, Paul J; Lund, Troy C; Rijn, Rick R Van; Sakkers, Ralph J
2016Repair of Intraoperative Injury to the MedialBohl, Daniel D; Wetters, Nathan G; Gaizo, Daniel J Del; Jacobs, Joshua J; Rosenberg, Aaron G; Valle, Craig J Della
2016OrthopaedicBozic, Kevin J; Washington, Aaos; Policy, Health
2017Frontostriatal and behavioral adaptations to daily sugar-sweetened beverage intake : a randomized controlled trial 1 – 3Burger, Kyle S
2016Why Do Tendons Hurt? Lessons from the Study of Calcific TendinitisSa, Rodeo
2016Cartilage Resurfacing: Unresolved EnigmaLa, Dahlgren
2016The Challenge of Plate-Bone Construct Stiffness: A Swinging PendulumMitchell, Erika Jasmin
2015Nutrition Status of Patients With Chronic Hepatitis B or CLacrísio, Penélope; Isabel, Maria; Davisson, Toulson; Vieira, Paula; Vidigal, Teixeira; Silva, Luciana Diniz