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2015What interventions increase commuter cycling? A systematic review.Stewart, G; Anokye, NK; Pokhrel, S
1-Jan-2014Challenging empowerment: AIDS-affected southern African children and the need for a multi-level relational approachAnsell, N
2015Issues of collaboration, representation, meaning and emotions: Utilising participant-led visual diaries to capture the everyday lives of people in mid to later lifePilcher, K; Martin, W; Williams, V
1-Jan-2015'HeART of Stroke (HoS)', a community-based Arts for Health group intervention to support self-confidence and psychological well-being following a stroke: protocol for a randomised controlled feasibility studyEllis-Hill, C; Gracey, F; Thomas, S; Lamont-Robinson, C; Thomas, PW; Marques, EMR; Grant, M; Nunn, S; Cant, RPI; Galvin, KT; Reynolds, F; Jenkinson, DF
2015Behaviour Change in Public Health: Evidence and ImplicationsPokhrel, S; Anokye, NK; Reidpath, D; Allotey, P
2014Time to act: The challenges of working during and after cancer. Initiatives in research and practiceWells, M; Amir, Z; Cox, T; Eva, G; Greenfield, D; Hubbard, G; McLennan, S; Munir, F; Scott, S; Sharp, L; Taskila, T; Wiseman, T
2015Examining links between anxiety, reinvestment and walking when talking by older adults during adaptive gaitYoung, WR; Olonilua, M; Masters, RSW; Dimitriadis, S; Williams, AM
Jul-2013Family learning and the socio-spatial practice of 'supportive' powerWainwright, E; Marandet, E
2009Discourses of integration and exclusion: Equal opportunities for university students with dependent children?Marandet, E; Wainwright, E
Sep-2010Invisible experiences: Understanding the choices and needs of university students with dependent childrenMarandet, E; Wainwright, E
27-Jul-2015Assessing the impact of upper limb disability following stroke: a qualitative enquiry using internet-based personal accounts of stroke survivorsPoltawski, L; Allison, R; Briscoe, S; Freeman, J; Kilbride, C; Neal, D; Turton, A; Dean, S
2013Exercise instructor-led functional training programme for community dwelling stroke survivors: A qualitative studyNorris, M; Kilbride, C; Mohagheghi, A; Victor, C
2015‘Once upon a time …’ Orphanhood, childhood studies and the depoliticisation of childhood poverty in southern AfricaAnsell, N
May-2010'Body training': Investigating the embodied training choices of/for mothers in West LondonWainwright, E; Buckingham, S; Marandet, E; Smith, F
2012Investigating the relation between optimum guard interval and channel delay spread for a MC-CDMA systemKurnaz, C; Gokalp, H
2014Generationing developmentAnsell, N
11-Jan-2012Eye movement patterns during the recognition of three-dimensional objects: Preferential fixation of concave surface curvature minimaLeek, EC; Cristino, F; Conlan, LI; Arnold, PJ; Patterson, C; Rodriguez, E; Johnston, SJ
Oct-2011Learning together: Lessons from a collaborative curriculum design projectPemberton, M; Nicholls, LE; Leibowitz, B; Bozalek, V; Carolissen, R; Rohleder, P; Swartz, L
1-Aug-2014Religious faith and self-efficacy among stroke patients in Kuwait: Health professionals' viewsOmu, O; Reynolds, F
6-Feb-2014‘Without occupation you don't exist’: Occupational engagement and mental illnessBlank, A; Harries, P; Reynolds, F