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2016Mapping occipital bone thickness using computed tomography for safe screw placementMorita, Tomonori; Takebayashi, Tsuneo; Takashima, Hiroyuki; Yoshimoto, Mitsunori; Ida, Kazunori; Tanimoto, Katsumasa; Ohnishi, Hirofumi; Fujiwara, Hiroyoshi; Nagae, Masateru; Yamashita, Toshihiko
2016Wake-up stroke in a young woman with rotational vertebral artery occlusion due to far-lateral cervical disc herniationOkawa, Masakazu; Amamoto, Takaaki; Abe, Hiroshi; Yoshimura, Sohei; Higashi, Toshio; Inoue, Tooru
2016Intraspinal psammomatous melanotic schwannoma not associated with Carney complex: case reportReport, Case
2016Neurosurgical Forum Can biomechanical studies make no distinction between different lumbar levels ?
2016pathological compression fractures in cancer patientsEltahawy, Hazem; Szerlip, Nicholas
2016Craniovertebral junction instability as an extension of cocaine-induced midline destructive lesions: case reportBrembilla, Carlo; Lanterna, Luigi Andrea; Risso, Andrea; Bombana, Enrico; Gritti, Paolo; Trezzi, Rosangela; Bonaldi, Giuseppe; Biroli, Francesco
2015Clinical IndicationHernandez-boussard, Tina
2016The effect of spinal osteotomies on spinal cord tension and dural buckling: a cadaveric studySafain, Mina G; Burke, Shane M; Riesenburger, Ron I; Zerris, Vasilios; Hwang, Steven W
2016Defining the inherent stability of degenerative spondylolisthesis: a systematic reviewSimmonds, Andrea M; Rampersaud, Y Raja; Dvorak, Marcel F; Dea, Nicolas; Melnyk, Angela D; Fisher, Charles G
2016Giant pseudomeningocele causing urinary obstruction in a patient with Marfan syndromeStone, Jeremy G; Bergmann, Liisa L; Takamori, Ryan; Donovan, Daniel J
2016How the neck affects the back: changes in regional cervical sagittal alignment correlate to HRQOL improvement in adult thoracolumbar deformity patients at 2-year follow-upProtopsaltis, Themistocles S; Scheer, Justin K; Terran, Jamie S; Smith, Justin S; Hamilton, D Kojo; Kim, Han Jo; Jr, Greg M Mundis; Hart, Robert A; Mccarthy, Ian M; Klineberg, Eric; Lafage, Virginie; Bess, Shay; Schwab, Frank; Shaffrey, Christopher I; Ames, Christopher
2016sclerosis complex and bilateral multiple lesionsArya, Ravindra; Tenney, Jeffrey R; Horn, Paul S; Greiner, Hansel M; Holland, Katherine D; Leach, James L; Gelfand, Michael J; Rozhkov, Leonid; Fujiwara, Hisako; Rose, Douglas F; Franz, David N; Mangano, Francesco T
2016Cervical laminoplasty developments and trends , 2003 – 2013 : a systematic reviewDuetzmann, Stephan; Cole, Tyler; Ratliff, John K
2016Expanded eggshell procedure combined with closing-opening technique (a modified vertebral column resection) for the treatment of thoracic and thoracolumbar angular kyphosisLiu, Xinyu; Yuan, Suomao; Tian, Yonghao; Wang, Lianlei; Zheng, Yanping; Li, Jianmin
2016A single-stage posterior approach with open reduction and pedicle screw fixation in subaxial cervical facet dislocationsPark, Jin Hoon; Roh, Sung Woo; Rhim, Seung Chul
2016Does the real-time thermal damage estimate allow for estimation of tumor control after MRI-guided laser-induced thermal therapy? Initial experience with recurrent intracranial ependymomasPatel, Nitesh V; Jethwa, Pinakin R; Shetty, Anil; Danish, Shabbar F
2016Long-term follow-up study of osteoporotic vertebral compression fracture treated using balloon kyphoplasty and vertebroplastyLiu, Jung-tung; Li, Cho-shun; Chang, Cheng-siu; Liao, Wen-jui
2016Postoperative infection in spine surgery: does the month matter?Durkin, Michael J; Dicks, Kristen V; Baker, Arthur W; Moehring, Rebekah W; Chen, Luke F; Sexton, Daniel J; Lewis, Sarah S; Anderson, Deverick J
2016Odontoid pseudotumor and serial postfusion radiographic evaluation in a patient with a C1–2 massYanni, Daniel S; Halim, Alexander Y; Alexandru, Daniela
2016Microsurgical anatomy of the arterial basket of the conus medullarisMartirosyan, Nikolay L; Kalani, M Yashar S; Jr, G Michael Lemole; Spetzler, Robert F; Preul, Mark C; Theodore, Nicholas