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2017Author GuidelinesManuscripts, Submission
2017Understanding the role of the microbiome in COPD: Principles, Challenges and Future DirectionsHuang, Yvonne J.; Erb-Downward, John R.; Dickson, Robert; Curtis, Jeffrey L.; Huffnagle, Gary B.; Han, MeiLan K.
2017The infant gut bacterial microbiota and risk of pediatric asthma and allergic diseasesJohnson, Christine C.; Ownby, Dennis R.
2017Intraventricular administration of urokinase as a novel therapeutic approach for communicating hydrocephalusFeng, Z.; Tan, Q.; Tang, J.; Li, L.; Tao, Y.; Chen, Y.; Yang, Y.; Luo, C.; Feng, H.; Zhu, G.; Chen, Q.; Chen, Z.
2017Optimizing hemoglobin thresholds for detection of iron deficiency among reproductive-age women in the United StatesSekhar, Deepa L.; Kunselman, Allen R.; Chuang, Cynthia H.; Paul, Ian M.
2017Receptor-interacting protein 140 overexpression impairs cardiac mitochondrial function and accelerates the transition to heart failure in chronically infarcted rats.Chen, YanFang; Chen, ShaoRui; Yue, ZhongBao; Zhang, YiQiang; Zhou, ChangHua; Cao, WeiWei; Chen, Xi; Zhang, LuanKun; Liu, PeiQing
2017Steatosis induced CCL5 contributes to early-stage liver fibrosis in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease progressLi, Bing Hang; He, Fang Ping; Yang, Xin; Chen, Yuan Wen; Fan, Jian Gao
2017The Microbiome and Human Disease Pathogenesis: How do you do what you do to me …?Janoff, Edward N.
2017Lung microbiome in human immunodeficiency virus infectionTwigg, Homer L.; Weinstock, George M.; Knox, Kenneth S.
2017Impact of Uniform Methods on Interlaboratory Antibody Titration Variability...Antibody Titration and Uniform MethodsBachegowda, Lohith S; Cheng, Yan H; Long, Thomas; Shaz, Beth H
2017Crohn's disease-associated mucosal factors regulate the expression of TNF-like cytokine 1A and its receptors in primary subepithelial intestinal myofibroblasts and intestinal epithelial cellsBamias, G; Filidou, E; Goukos, D; Valatas, V; Arvanitidis, K; Panagopoulou, M; Kouklakis, G; Daikos, G; Ladas, Sd; Kolios, G
2017Microbiome, trimethylamine N-oxide, and cardiometabolic diseaseTang, W. H Wilson; Hazen, Stanley L.
2017Toward revision of antimicrobial therapies in hematopoietic stem cell transplantation: Target the pathogens, but protect the indigenous microbiotaKhoruts, Alexander; Hippen, Keli L.; Lemire, Amanda M.; Holtan, Shernan G.; Knights, Dan; Young, Jo Anne H
2017The influence of gut-derived CD39 regulatory T cells in CNS demyelinating diseaseOchoa-Repáraz, Javier; Kasper, Lloyd H.
2017Obesity-associated cancer risk: The role of intestinal microbiota in the etiology of the host proinflammatory stateDjuric, Zora
2017Microbiota as a mediator of cancer progression and therapyPope, Jillian L.; Tomkovich, Sarah; Yang, Ye; Jobin, Christian
2017Does the vaginal microbiota play a role in the development of cervical cancer?Kyrgiou, Maria; Mitra, Anita; Moscicki, Anna Barbara
2017Where genes meet environment-integrating the role of gut luminal contents, immunity, and pancreas in type 1 diabetes.Scott, Fraser W; Pound, Lynley; Patrick, Christopher; Eberhard, Chandra; Crookshank, Jennifer
2017Microbiome and food allergyBl??zquez, Ana B.; Berin, M. Cecilia
2017Epigenetic Contribution of the Myosin Light Chain Kinase Gene to the Risk for Acute Respiratory Distress SyndromeSzilágyi, Keely L.; Liu, Cong; Zhang, Xu; Wang, Ting; Fortman, Jeffrey D.; Zhang, Wei; Garcia, Joe G.N.