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2016QuantiFERON-TB performance enhanced by novel Mycobacterium tuberculosis - specific antigensRegistrar, Respiratory
2016What is asthma?COPD overlap syndrome? Towards a consensus definition from a round table discussionSin, Don D.; Miravitlles, Marc; Mannino, David M.; Soriano, Joan B.; Price, David; Celli, Bartolome R.; Leung, Janice M.; Nakano, Yasutaka; Park, Hye Yun; Wark, Peter a.; Wechsler, Michael E.
2016Tuberculosis elimination , patients ’ lives and rational use of new drugs : revisited
2016Increased Incidence of VTE in Septic Shock Is this Preventable ?Mccurdy, Michael T
2016Research priorities in bronchiectasis: A consensus statement from the EMBARC Clinical Research CollaborationAliberti, Stefano; Masefield, Sarah; Polverino, Eva; De Soyza, Anthony; Loebinger, Michael R.; Menendez, Rosario; Ringshausen, Felix C.; Vendrell, Montserrat; Powell, Pippa; Chalmers, James D.
2016liver diseases and the lungRodriguez-roisin, Roberto; Bartolome, Sonja D; Huchon, Gérard; Krowka, Michael J
2016Tele-monitoring of ventilator-dependent patients: A European Respiratory Society StatementAmbrosino, Nicolino; Vitacca, Michele; Dreher, Michael; Isetta, Valentina; Montserrat, Josep M.; Tonia, Thomy; Turchetti, Giuseppe; Winck, Joao Carlos; Burgos, Felip; Kampelmacher, Michael; Vagheggini, Guido
2016Bacteraemia in outpatients with community-acquired pneumonia
2016Improving end-of-life communication between primary and secondary care within respiratory medicineBoland, Alison C; Hicks, Fiona; Edwards, Annette; Clifton, Ian J
2016The adrenergic nervous system as a therapeutic target in pulmonary arterial hypertension: a cautionary taleRubin, Lewis J.
2016Monitoring asthma: no matter how?Van Den Wijngaart, Lara S; Roukema, Jolt; Merkus, Peter J F M
2016The thoracic oncology specialist: curriculum recommendations in thoracic oncology trainingMeert, Anne-Pascale; Noël, Julie-Lyn; Gamarra, Fernando
2016Gastro-oesophageal reflux and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis: In search of evidenceWuyts, Wim; Crestani, Bruno
2016MANAGEMENT OF COPD A review of national guidelines for management of COPD in EuropeMiravitlles, Marc; Vogelmeier, Claus; Roche, Nicolas; Halpin, David; Cardoso, João; Chuchalin, Alexander G; Kankaanranta, Hannu
2016Clinical features of large cell neuroendocrine carcinoma : a population-based overviewDerks, Jules L; Hendriks, Lizza E; Buikhuisen, Wieneke A; Groen, Harry J M; Thunnissen, Erik; Suylen, Robert-jan Van; Houben, Ruud; Damhuis, Ronald A; Speel, Ernst J M; Dingemans, Anne-marie C
2016Predicting bacteraemia or rapid identification of the causative pathogen in community acquired pneumonia: Where should the priority lie?Jos??, Ricardo J.; Brown, Jeremy S.
2016European IPF Patient Charter : unmet needs and a call to action for healthcare policymakersBonella, Francesco; Wijsenbeek, Marlies; Molina-molina, Maria; Duck, Annette; Mele, Rosalba; Geissler, Klaus; Wuyts, Wim
2016What is the origin of dyspnoea in smokers without airway disease?Clini, Enrico M.; Begh??, Bianca; Fabbri, Leonardo M.
2016Incidence of Pneumothorax in Patients With Lymphangioleiomyomatosis Undergoing Pulmonary Function and Exercise TestingTaveira-DaSilva, Angelo M.; Julien-Williams, Patricia; Jones, Amanda M.; Moss, Joel
2016Assessing severe asthmaRobinson, Douglas S.