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2017Mortality in a combined cohort of uranium enrichment workersYiin, James H.; Anderson, Jeri L.; Daniels, Robert D.; Bertke, Stephen J.; Fleming, Donald a.; Tollerud, David J.; Tseng, Chih-Yu; Chen, Pi-Hsueh; Waters, Kathleen M.
2017The new ANSI nail gun standard: A lost opportunity for safetyHoward, John; Branche, Christine M.; Earnest, G. Scott
2017Assessing risk of indium lung disease to workers in downstream industriesHarvey, R.R.; Virji, M.a.; Cummings, K.J.
2017Association between Parental Access to Paid Sick Leave and Children ’ s Access to and Use of Healthcare ServicesAsfaw, Abay
2017Determinants of disinfectant use among nurses in U.S. healthcare facilitiesDumas, Orianne; Wiley, Aleta S.; Henneberger, Paul K.; Speizer, Frank E.; Zock, Jan Paul; Varraso, Rapha??lle; Le Moual, Nicole; Boggs, Krislyn M.; Camargo, Carlos a.
2017Facilitators and Barriers to the Adoption of Ergonomic Solutions in ConstructionDale, Ann Marie; Otr, L; Jaegers, Ã Lisa; Otr, L; Welch, Laura; Barnidge, Ellen; Weaver, Nancy; Evanoff, Bradley A
2017Cognitive control dysfunction in workers exposed to manganese-containing welding fumeAl-Lozi, Amal; Nielsen, Susan Searles; Hershey, Tamara; Birke, Angela; Checkoway, Harvey; Criswell, Susan R.; Racette, Brad a.
2017Whole-body vibration exposure of occupational horseback riding in agriculture: A ranching exampleZeng, Xiaoke; Trask, Catherine; Kociolek, Aaron M
2017Workers with hand dermatitis and workplace training experiences: A qualitative perspectiveZack, Bethany; Arrandale, Victoria H.; Holness, Dorothy Linn
2017Evaluating Predictors of Lead Exposure for Activities Disturbing Materials Painted With or Containing Lead Using Historic Published Data From U . S . WorkplacesLocke, Sarah J; Deziel, Ã Nicole C; Koh, Dong-hee; Graubard, Barry I; Purdue, Mark P; Friesen, Melissa C
2017Corporate corruption of science-Another asbestos exampleEgilman, David; Monárrez, Rubén
2017Effects of psychosocial work factors and psychological distress on self-assessed work ability: A 7-year follow-up in a general working populationLeijon, Ola; Balliu, Natalja; Lundin, Andreas; Vaez, Marjan; Kjellberg, Katarina; Hemmingsson, Tomas
2017Revisiting Cancer 15 Years Later : Exploring Mortality Among Agricultural and Non-Agricultural Workers in the Serrana Region of Rio de JaneiroKrawczyk, Noa; Esp, Ã Aline De Souza; Lima, Jaime; Meyer, Armando
2017Pulmonary adenocarcinoma with epidermal growth factor receptor-mutations in asbestos exposed non-smokers: A case seriesKradin, Richard L.; Iafrate, John; Christiani, David C.
2017Nonstandard work arrangements and worker health and safetyHoward, John
2017Pet Groomer ’ s Lung : A Novel Occupation Related Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis Related to Pyrethrin Exposure in a Pet GroomerPu, Chan Yeu; Sharma, Vibhu; Ms, Ã
2017Response to Goodman et al .Branch, Industrywide Studies; Evaluations, Hazard; Safety, Occupational
2017Pulmonary function and airway inflammation among dairy parlor workers after exposure to inhalable aerosolsNonnenmann, M.W.; Gimeno Ruiz de Porras, D.; Levin, J.; Douphrate, D.; Boggaram, V.; Schaffer, J.; Gallagher, M.; Hornick, M.; Reynolds, S.
2017Silica Exposure and Disease in Semi-PreciousCraftsmen, Stone; Gerais, Minas; Carneiro, Ana Paula S; Braz, Ã Nayara F T; Algranti, Eduardo; Araujo, P S
2017Cancer Incidence Among Copper Smelting and Nickel Re fi ning Workers in FinlandPavela, Markku; Uitti, Ã Jukka; Pukkala, Eero; Phd, Prof