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Title: Indiana State Board of Health. Monthly Bulletin, 1907 Vol. 9 No. 11
Authors: Indiana State Board of Health;Barnard, H. E.
Keywords: Indiana;Descriptive Statistics;Age-specific death rate;Cause-specific death rate;Infant mortality;Homicide;Suicide;Ventilation;Spice and Extract Manufacturing;Communicable Disease Control;Infectious Disease;Air Movement;Ventilation;Airborne Diseases;Tents;Window;Healthy Living;Diphtheria;Hendricks County;Disease Outbreaks;Epidemics;Diagnosis, Laboratory;Food Inspection;Food Analysis;Drug Contamination;Baking Powder;Catsup;Creme of Tartar;Dairy Cattle and Milk Production;Dairy Inspection;Dairy Product Manufacturing;Dairy Products;Cream;Butter;Milk;Flavoring Agents;Lemon Extract;Vanilla Extract;Ice Cream;Lard;Dietary Fats;Maple Sugar;Meat Products;Bacon;Bologna;Ham;Hamburger;Pork;Maple Syrup;Sausage;Olive Oil;Meat;Spices;Allspice;Cayenne Pepper;Cinnamon;Mustard;Peppers;Black Pepper;Clove;Ginger;Vinegar;Cider;Aqua Ammonia;Beeswax;Black Antimony;Rum;Alcohol;Alcoholic Beverages;Castor Oil;Lime Water;Calcium Hydroxide;Walsh Window Tent Company;Quinine;Sulfur;Tinctures (Pharmacy);Arnica;Camphor;Iodine;Hamamelis;Witch Hazel;Albany;Alexandria;Amo;Arcadia;Atlanta;Bedford;Berne;Bloomfield;Chesterfield;Churubusco;Cicero;Clay City;Coal City;Columbia City;Columbus;Cory;Decatur;Denver;Dunkirk;Edinburgh;Fort Wayne;French Lick;Geneva;Hammond;Hartford;Hope;Indianapolis;Ingalls;Kokomo;Lafayette;Lyons;Martinsville;Middletown;Monroe;Monticello;Montpelier;Noblesville;Orestes;Paoli;Pendleton;Peru;Portland;Red Key;Rushville;Spencer;Sullivan;Terre Haute;Tipton;Vincennes;Washington;West Baden;Worthington;Delaware County;Madison County;Hendricks County;Hamilton County;Lawrence County;Adams County;Greene County;Clay County;Whitley County;Bartholomew County;Miami County;Jay County;Johnson County;Allen County;Orange County;Lake County;Blackford County;Howard County;Tippecanoe County;Morgan County;Henry County;White County;Rush County;Owen County;Sullivan County;Vigo County;Tipton County;Knox County;Daviess County;Grocery Stores;Slaughterers and Meat Packers;Drugstores;Pharmacies;Retail Bakeries;Hotels;Restaurants;Starch;Starch & Refining Company
Issue Date:  11
Description: Abstract of mortality statistics for November 1907 p. 153 / Summary of morbidity and mortality in November p. 154 / Smallpox p. 154 / Tuberculosis p. 154 / Typhoid fever p. 154 / Pneumonia p. 154 / Deaths by violence p. 154 / Sleeping under a window tent p. 154 / Report of Bacteriological Laboratory for November p. 155 / Report of the Department of Food and Drugs p. 155 / Foods p. 156 / Dairy Products p. 156 / Cream p. 157 / Milk p. 157 / Flavoring Extracts p. 157 / Ice cream p. 158 / Lard p. 159 / Maple products p. 159 / Meat Products p. 159 / Olive oil p. 160 / Spices p. 160 / Vinegar p. 162 / Drugs p. 163 / Inspector's Report p. 165 / Summary of inspections p. 168 / Chart showing geographical distribution of deaths from certain communicable diseases in November 1907 p. 169 / Deaths in Indiana by counties during the month of November 1907 p. 170 / Deaths in Indiana by cities during the month of November 1907 p. 171 / Mortality of Indiana for November p. 172 / Meteorological summary for November 1907 p. 172
Other Identifiers: Indiana State Board of Health. Monthly Bulletin. (1907); 9(11): 153-172.
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