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Title: Indiana State Board of Health. Monthly Bulletin, 1907 Vol. 9 No. 1
Authors: Indiana State Board of Health;Brubaker, E. H.
Keywords: Indiana;Descriptive Statistics;Age-specific death rate;Cause-specific death rate;Infant mortality;Homicide;Suicide;Health Legislation;Mythology;Diphtheria;Decatur;Diagnostic Techniques and Procedures;Adams County;Waste Treatment and Disposal;Sanitation;Food Adulteration;Drug Adulteration;Henry County;JAMA;LaGrange County;Health Education;Quarantine;Smallpox;Diagnostic Error;Suicide;Communicable Disease;Communicable Disease Control;Infectious Disease;Diphtheria Antitoxin;Vaccination;Grant County;Socioeconomic Factor;Cost of Illness;Health Care Cost;Primary Prevention;Disease Prevention;Disease Transmission;Tuberculosis;Sanatoriums;Clean Up or Clean Up Day;Garbage;Community Environment;Mandatory Reporting;Cause of Death;Indiana State Board of Health;Smallpox;Disease Notification;Minotaur (Greek Mythology);Peru;Miami County;Tubercular Camp;Summer Mission for Sick Children;Dryer, Dwight Welcome, 1856-1918;Brubaker, E.H.;Malsbury, Dr. J. O.
Issue Date:  1
Description: Administer antitoxin early p. 1 / Abstract of mortality statistics for January 1907 p. 1 / Summary of morbidity and mortality in January p. 2 / Smallpox p. 2 / Tuberculosis p. 2 / Typhoid fever p. 2 / Pneumonia p. 2 / Deaths by violence p. 2 / The cry of the children p. 2 / The minotaur still lives p. 3 / Resolution that speaks for itself p. 3 / A State Institution for the Care and Treatment of Tuberculosis Poor p. 4 / How Decatur was cleaned up p. 4 / Decrease in Death Rates in Last Seven Years p. 5 / An active health board p. 6 / A Model Report by Dr. E. H. Brubake p. 6 / Dr. J. O. Malshury Fined at Peru p. 7 / The Tubercular Camp at Indianapolis p. 8 / The dollar sign the standard p. 8 / Chart showing geographical distribution of deaths from certain communicable diseases in January 1907 p. 9 / Deaths in Indiana by counties during the month of January 1907 p. 10 / Deaths in Indiana by cities during the month of January 1907 p. 11 / Mortality of Indiana for January p. 12 / Meteorological summary for January 1907 p. 12
Other Identifiers: Indiana State Board of Health. Monthly Bulletin. (1907); 9(1): 1-12.
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