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Title: Indiana State Board of Health Monthly Bulletin, 1904 Vol. 6 No. 6
Authors: Indiana State Board of Health
Keywords: Indiana;Descriptive Statistics;Age-specific death rate;Cause-specific death rate;Infant mortality;Homicide;Suicide;Accidents, Railroad;Arsenic;Asphyxia;Barbers;Beckes, Lyman;Birth Certificates;Bourbon Township (Marshall County);Bright Disease;Burn Injuries;Cable Cars (Streetcars);Carbolic Acid;Cause of Death;Chloroform;Choking;Communicable Disease Control;Condensed Milk;Copper Acetoarsenite;County Boards of Health;County Commissioners;Crushing Injuries;Death Certificates;Decatur County;Democrat Township (Carroll County);Diagnostic Error;Dietary Supplements;Disease Prevention;Disease Transmission;Drowning;Early Intervention;Electrocution;Epistaxis;Etna Green;Fatal Outcome;Femoral Fractures;Floors and Floorcoverings;Food Adulteration;Foreign Bodies;German Township (Marshall County);Glomerulonephritis;Gunshot Wounds;Hanging;Health Education;Health Officers;Henry County;Infants;Ingestion;Iron;Jasper County;Jelly;Johnson, S.A.;Knightstown;Knox County;Kosciusko County;Lightning;Local Government;Malaria;Matchett, Dr.;Meat;Milligan;Montgomery County;Morphine;Nasal Diphtheria;Nasal Mucosa;Nose;Nosebleeds;Nusbaum, Dr.;Obituaries;Paris Green;Parke County;Pneumonia;Poisoning;Quarantine;Sanitation;School Attendance;School Districts;Schools, Public Health;Shanklin Schoolhouse;Skull Fractures;Smallpox;St. Paul (City);Stab Wounds;Syphilis;Teachers;Tippecanoe Township (Marshall County);Township Trustees;Tuberculosis;Vincennes;Violence;Washburn, I.M.;water Analysis;Well Water
Issue Date: 1904
Description: Abstract of mortality statistics for June 1904 p.61 / The statistics furnish the following summaries for June p.62 / Smallpox p.62 / Tuberculosis p.62 / Typhoid fever p.62 / Pneumonia p.62 / Violence p.62 / County health organization p.62 / Dr. Lyman Beckes p.66 / Extra effective condemnations p.66 / Typhoid at Milligan p.66 / Nasal diphtheria p.66 / Consumptive teachers p.66 / Adulterated food p.67 / International congress of home sanitation p.67 / The doctor's duty p.67 / Correcting death certificates p.67 / Should syphilitics be barbers? p.68 / Cost me two thousand dollars p.68 / One source of tuberculosis p.68 / Incipient tuberculosis p.68 / Why not? p.68 / Chart showing geographical distribution of deaths from certain communicable diseases in June 1904 p.69 / Deaths in Indiana by counties during the month of June 1904 p.70 / Deaths in Indiana by cities during the month of June 1904 p.71 / Mortality of Indiana for June 1904 p.72 / Meteorological summary for June 1904 p.72
Other Identifiers: Indiana State Board of Health. Monthly Bulletin. (1904); 6(6): 61-72.
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