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Title: Indiana State Board of Health Bulletin, 1902 Vol. 4 No. 10
Authors: Indiana State Board of Health
Keywords: Indiana;Descriptive Statistics;Age-specific death rate;Cause-specific death rate;Infant mortality;Homicide;Suicide;Health legislation;Smallpox;Tuberculosis;Vaccination;Air;Ammonia;Bichloride Solution;Big Four Railroad (Cleveland, Cincinnatti, Chicago & St. Louis Railway Company);Birth Certificates;Bourbon (City);Breast Milk;Cable Cars (Streetcars);Carrier State;Carroll County;Certification;Chickenpox;Chitwood, Dr.;Clark County;Clarksville (City);Claysburgh (City);Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis Railway Company;Climatotherapy;Clinton County;Clothing;Common Cold;Connersville (City);Derbyshire, E.;Desqamination;Disease Prevention;Disease Progression;Disinfection;Ehrmandale;Facilty Design and Construction;Fayette County;Formaldehyde;Frankfort;Grant County;Harris, C.M.;Heat Therapy;Henryville (City);Hunter, F.S.;Ichthammol;Incubation Period;Indoor Air Pollution;Infantile Diarrhea;Jeffersonville (City);Joint Stiffness;Kalagua;Laundering;Lawrence County;Liberty (City);Loomis Sanatorium;Loomis, Alfred;Malaria;Marion (City);Marshall County;McKelney, S.R.;Mercuric Chloride;Milk;Mitchell (City);Morgan, J. Pierpont;Pneumonia;Port Fulton (City);Protective Clothing;Quaternary Ammonium Compounds;Railroad Cars;Respiratory Therapy;Ruddell, Dr.;Scarlet Fever;School Buildings;School Hygiene;Sheets, Dr.;Shultz, Dr.;Signs and Symptoms;Sullivan County;Toilet Facilities;Tuberculosis, Pulmonary;Typhus Fever;Urban Population;Utica (City);Vaccination Methods;Van Cleave, M.B.;Ventilation;Vigo County;Water Analysis;Water Hardness;Water Pollution;Water Rates;Well Water
Issue Date: 1902
Description: Abstract of mortality statistics for October, 1902 p. 109 / Disease prevalence in October p. 110 / Smallpox in Indiana in October, 1902 p. 110 / Vaccination urged p. 110 / Smallpox at Connersville p. 111 / Smallpox in Lawrence County p. 111 / Smallpox in Clinton County p. 111 / Regarding vaccination p. 111 / Smallpox in Porto Rico p. 111 / Measures for the prevention of smallpox when epidemic in a large city - recommended by a committee of the Ohio State Board of Health p. 112 / Typhoid fever at Bourbon p. 112 / They seem to like disease p. 113 / Notification of malaria p. 113 / Dr. Sheets' model quarterly health report p. 113 / Car sanitation p. 114 / Pure milk would save many infant lives p. 114 / Pneumonia p. 115 / Results of the work done at the Loomis Sanatorium for Consumptive p. 115 / Birth rate and water rents p. 116 / The important symptoms of the early stages of pulmonary tuberculosis p. 116 / How to guard against carrying infection p. 116 / Char showing geographical distribution of deaths from certain communicable diseases in October, 1902 p. 117 / Deaths in Indian by geographical sections and counties during the month of October, 1902 p. 118 / Deaths in Indiana by cities during the month of October, 1902 p. 119 / Mortality of Indiana for October, 1902 p. 120 / Meteorological summary for October, 1902 p. 120
Other Identifiers: Indiana State Board of Health. Monthly Bulletin. (1902); 4(10): 109-120.
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