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Title: Indiana State Board of Health Bulletin, 1902 Vol. 4 No. 4
Authors: Indiana State Board of Health
Keywords: Indiana;Descriptive Statistics;Age-specific death rate;Cause-specific death rate;Infant mortality;Homicide;Suicide;Smallpox;Vaccination;Hygiene Activity;Actinomycosis;Allen County;Animal Slaughtering & Processing;Auburn (City);Bailey, Wm.;Becker, Lyman M.;Bedford (City);Bedford Democrat;Belts;Bitting, Dr.;Bubonic Plague;Burial;Cancer Jaw (Cattle);Cattle Diseases;Censorship;Classical Swine Fever;Cole, Dr.;Construction of Buildings;Copper Sulfate;Copperas;Corns (foot);Cost-Benefit Analysis;Crawfordsville;Curriculum;Dekalb County;Diagnostic Error;Diazo Reaction;Disease Transmission;Drinking Cups;Drug Adulteration;Electric Stimulation Therapy;Erysipelas;Fairmount (City);Fever;Firearms;Fort Wayne;Fulton County;Gillum, Dr.;Grant County;Greene County;Greenfield Mills (Lagrange County);Health Officers;Hog Cholera;Huntington County;Hygiene;Indiana State Veterinarian;Indianapolis;Insurance Fraud;Johnson, John;Kalsomining;Kentucky;Kentucky State Board of Health;Knox County;Koyner, Dr.;Lagrange County;Lake County;Lawrence County;Layman, Dr.;Legislators;Liberty Township (Wells);Local Government;Malaria;Marco (City);Markley, Henry;McCormack, J.W.;Medical Schools;Montgomery County;Newberry (City);Ohio State Board of Health;Parke County;Proegler, Carl;Quackery;Quarantine;Rheumatic Diseases;Rheumatism;Rochester (City);Salary;Saliva;Sanitation;School Age Children;Sewage;Sewers;Spit or Spitting;Stanton, Byron D.;Strawboard;Switerland County;Talma;Taylor, J.N.;Teachers;Tinplate Mills;Tipton County;Tuberculosis, Pulmonary;Typhoid;Vaccination, Compulsory;Vincennes;Warren (City);Waste Disposal, Fluid;Water Pollution;Wells County;Wells, E.M.;White River (Marion County);Whiting;Windfall (City);Wright, M.;
Issue Date: 1902
Description: Abstract of mortality statistics for April, 1902 p. 37 / Smallpox in April p. 38 / Disease prevalence in April p. 38 Annual Confernence of State Health Officers p. 38 / The course in hygeine at the university of Pennsylvania p. 39 / A layman on smallpox p. 41 / Vaccination will prevent smallpox p. 42 / School house sanitation p. 43 / The Diazo-reaction p. 44 / Chart showing geographical distribution of deaths from certain communicable diseases p. 45 / Deaths in Indiana by geographical sections and counties during the month of April, 1902 p. 46 / Deaths in Indiana by cities during the month of April, 1902 p. 47 / Mortality of Indiana for April, 1902 p. 48 / Meteorological summary for April, 1902 p. 48
Other Identifiers: Indiana State Board of Health. Monthly Bulletin. (1902); 4(4): 37-48.
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