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Title: Indiana State Board of Health Monthly Bulletin, 1900 Vol. 1 No. 9
Authors: Indiana State Board of Health
Keywords: Indiana;Descriptive Statistics;Age-specific death rate;Cause-specific death rate;Infant mortality;Homicide;Suicide;Infectious Disease;Smallpox Vaccine;Vaccination;Department of Sanitary Science, Purdue University;Malaria;Mosquitoes;Culicidae;Alum;Baking Powder;Jam;Milk Sickness;Nipples, Artificial;Bottle Feeding;Food Adulteration;Milk;White Snakeroot;Eupatorium Urticaefolium;Cholera Infantum;Morgan County;Poorhouses;Water Pollution;Infantile Diarrhea;Weston Paper Company;Greenfield (City);Brandywine Creek (Hancock County);Death Certificate;Mandatory Reporting;Birth Certificates;Insect Control;Septic Tanks;Waste Treatment and Disposal;Smallpox;Whooping Cough;Scott County
Issue Date: 1900
Description: Analysis of mortality statistics for June p. 85 / Smallpox in Indiana in June, 1900 p. 86 / Notice to County Officers p. 87 / Department of Sanitary Science, Purdue University p. 88 / Morgan County Poorhouse p. 91 / Disease Prevalence in Indiana for June, 1900 p. 91 / Chart show geographical distribution of deaths from certain communicable diseases p. 93 / Deaths in Indiana by geographical sections and counties during the month of June, 1900 p. 94 / Deaths in Indiana by cities during the month of June, 1900 p. 95 / Mortality of Indiana for June, 1900 p. 96 / Indiana Climatic Data for June, 1900 p. 96
Other Identifiers: Indiana State Board of Health. Monthly Bulletin. (1900); 1(9): 85-96.
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