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2016Clinical Prediction of Pathologic Complete Response in Superior Sulcus Non-Small Cell Lung CancerAntonoff, Mara B; Hofstetter, Wayne L; Correa, Arlene M; Bell, Jennifer M; Sepesi, Boris; Rice, David C; Vaporciyan, Ara A; Walsh, Garrett L; Mehran, Reza J; Swisher, Stephen G; Meyers, Bryan F
2013Predictors of Postoperative Complications After Trimodality Therapy for Esophageal CancerWang, Jingya; Wei, Caimiao; Tucker, Susan L; Myles, Bevan; Palmer, Matthew; Hofstetter, Wayne L; Swisher, Stephen G; Ajani, Jaffer A; Cox, James D; Komaki, Ritsuko; Liao, Zhongxing; Lin, Steven H
2014Propensity Score e Matched Analysis of Comprehensive Local Therapy for Oligometastatic Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer That Did Not Progress After Front-Line ChemotherapySheu, Tommy; Heymach, John V; Swisher, Stephen G; Rao, Ganesh; Weinberg, Jeffrey S; Mehran, Reza; Mcaleer, Mary Frances; Liao, Zhongxing; Aloia, Thomas A; Gomez, Daniel R
2015Relationship Between Tumor Size and Survival inLung, Non Small-cell; Nsclc, Cancer; Zhang, Jianjun; Gold, Kathryn A; Lin, Heather Y; Swisher, Stephen G; Xing, Yan; Lee, J Jack; Kim, Edward S; Jr, William N William
2016Results of Postdischarge Nursing Telephone Assessments : Persistent Symptoms Common Among Pulmonary Resection PatientsAntonoff, Mara B; Ragalie, William; Correa, Arlene M; Spicer, Jonathan D; Sepesi, Boris; Roth, Jack A; Walsh, Garrett L; Hofstetter, Wayne L; Swisher, Stephen G; Rice, David C; Vaporciyan, Ara A; Mehran, Reza J
2015Time to treatment as a quality metric in lung cancer : Staging studies , time to treatment , and patient survivalGomez, Daniel R; Liao, Kai-ping; Swisher, Stephen G; Blumenschein, George R; Erasmus, Jeremy J; Buchholz, Thomas A; Giordano, Sharon H; Smith, Benjamin D