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2013 Cardiovascular (7265).pdf.jpg2013ASSOCIATION OF OVERWEIGHT AND OBESITY WITH AN INCIDENCE OF HEART FAILURE: A SYSTEMATIC REVIEW AND META-ANALYSISKrittanawong, Chayakrit; Tunhasiriwet, Anusith; Tweet, Marysia; Zhang, Hongju; Sun, Tao; Chirapongsathorn, Sakkarin; Wang, Zhen; Hayes, Sharonne
2015The Cyclic AMP Pathway Is a Sex-Speci fi c Modi fi er of Glioma Risk in Type I Neuro fi bromatosis PatientsWarrington, Nicole M; Sun, Tao; Luo, Jingqin; Mckinstry, Robert C; Parkin, Patricia C; Ganzhorn, Sara; Spoljaric, Debra; Albers, Anne C; Merkelson, Amanda; Stewart, Douglas R; Stevenson, David A; Viskochil, David; Druley, Todd E; Forys, Jason T; Reilly, Karlyne M; Fishe
2015Gradient-based delineation of the primary GTV on FLT PET in squamous cell cancer of the thoracic esophagus and impact on radiotherapy planningZhang, Guifang; Han, Dali; Ma, Changsheng; Lu, Jie; Sun, Tao; Liu, Tonghai; Zhu, Jian; Zhou, Jingwei
2015Iterative CBCT reconstruction using Hessian penaltySun, Tao; Sun, Nanbo; Wang, Jing; Tan, Shan
2016Resolvin D1 Inhibits Mechanical Hypersensitivity in Sciatica by Modulating the Expression of NuclearFactor-, B; Signal, Phospho-extracellular; Fu, Zhi-jian; Ph, D; Sun, Tao; Ph, D
2015Treatment study of distal femur for parathyroid hormone (1-34) and β-tricalcium phosphate on bone formation in critical-sized defects in osteopenic ratsTao, Zhou Shan; Zhou, Wan Shu; Tu, Kai Kai; Huang, Zheng Liang; Zhou, Qiang; Sun, Tao; Lv, Yang Xun; Cui, Wei; Yang, Lei