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2013Are Short Dental Implants (<10 mm) Effective? A Meta-Analysis on Prospective Clinical TrialsMonje, Alberto; Chan, Hsun-Liang; Fu, Jia-Hui; Suarez, Fernando; Galindo-Moreno, Pablo; Wang, Hom-Lay
2013Effect of the Timing of Restoration on Implant Marginal Bone Loss: A Systematic ReviewSuarez, Fernando; Chan, Hsun-Liang; Monje, Alberto; Galindo-Moreno, Pablo; Wang, Hom-Lay
2014Generalized Aggressive Periodontitis as a Risk Factor for Dental Implant Failure: A Systematic-Review and Meta-Analysis.Monje, Alberto; Alcoforado, Gil; Padial-Molina, Miguel; Suarez, Fernando; Lin, Guo-Hao; Wang, Hom-Lay
2016Long-term Radiographic and Clinical Outcomes of a Regenerative Approach for Treating Peri-implantitis: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysisKhoshkam, Vahid; Suarez, Fernando; Monje, Alberto; Lin, Guo-hao; Chan, Hsun-Liang; Wang, Hom-Lay
2014Maxillary sinus lateral wall thickness and morphologic patterns in the atrophic posterior maxilla.Monje, Alberto; Catena, Andrés; Monje, Florencio; Gonzalez-García, Raúl; Galindo-Moreno, Pablo; Suarez, Fernando; Wang, Hom-Lay
2013Palatonasal recess on medial wall of the maxillary sinus and clinical implications for sinus augmentation via lateral window approach.Chan, Hsun-Liang; Monje, Alberto; Suarez, Fernando; Benavides, Erika; Wang, Hom-Lay
2014Surgical management of peri-implantitis: a systematic review and meta-analysis of treatment outcomes.Chan, Hsun-Liang; Lin, Guo-Hao; Suarez, Fernando; MacEachern, Mark; Wang, Hom-Lay