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2013and Acute Kidney Injury in Patients Having Noncardiac SurgeryWalsh, Michael; Argalious, Maged; Sessler, Daniel I
2016The Association Between Mild Intraoperative Hypotension and Stroke in General Surgery PatientsHsieh, Jason K; Dalton, Jarrod E; Yang, Dongsheng; Farag, Ehab S; Sessler, Daniel I; Kurz, Andrea M
2013The Association Between Nitrous Oxide and Noncardiac SurgeryTuran, Alparslan; Mascha, Edward J; You, Jing; Kurz, Andrea; Shiba, Ayako; Saager, Leif; Sessler, Daniel I
2013The Association of Preoperative Statin Use and Acute Kidney Injury After Noncardiac SurgeryArgalious, Maged Y; Dalton, Jarrod E; Sreenivasalu, Thilak; Hara, Jerome O; Sessler, Daniel I
2014The Association of Serum Vitamin D Concentration with Serious Complications After Noncardiac SurgeryTuran, Alparslan; Hesler, Brian D; You, Jing; Saager, Leif; Grady, Martin; Kurz, Andrea; Sessler, Daniel I
2015Cardiac Complications in Patients Undergoing Major Noncardiac Surgery.Devereaux, Phillip J; Sessler, Daniel I
2014Dexmedetomidine Reduces Propofol and Remifentanil Requirements During Bispectral Index-Guided Closed-Loop Anesthesia: A Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled TrialDouble-blind, Index-guided Closed-loop Anesthesia A; Trial, Placebo-controlled; Guen, Morgan Le; Liu, Ngai; Tounou, Felix; Augé, Marion; Tuil, Olivier; Chazot, Thierry; Dardelle, Dominique; Pharm, D; Laloë, Pierre-antoine; Bonnet, Francis; Sessler, Daniel I; Fischler,
2017Early Left and Right Ventricular Response to Aortic Valve ReplacementDuncan, Andra E; Sarwar, Sheryar; Kashy, Babak Kateby; Sonny, Abraham; Sale, Shiva; Alfirevic, Andrej; Yang, Dongsheng; Thomas, James D; Gillinov, Marc; Sessler, Daniel I
2016Effectiveness of an Electronic Alert for Hypotension and Low Bispectral Index on 90-day Postoperative MortalityMcCormick, Patrick J.; Levin, Matthew A; Lin, Hung-mo; Sessler, Daniel I; Reich, David L
2013Emerging Trends in Clinical Trial DesignSessler, Daniel I
2017Enzyme Inhibitors or Angiotensin II Receptor BlockersGuyatt, Gordon H; Sc, M; Sessler, Daniel I; Sc, M; Manach, Yannick Le; Ph, D; Thompson, Alexandra; Koshy, Mithin; Devereaux, Breagh; Spencer, Frederick A; Sanders, Robert D; Ph, D; Sloan, Erin N; Morley, Erin E; Paul, James; Sc, M; Raymer, Karen E; Sc, M; Punthakee, Zubin;
2014An Evaluation of a Zero-Heat-Flux Cutaneous Thermometer in Cardiac Surgical PatientsEshraghi, Yashar; Nasr, Vivian; Parra-sanchez, Ivan; Duren, Albert Van; Santoscoy, Thomas; Sessler, Daniel I
2013First-Attempt Cannulation Rate for Experienced Nurses in Infants and Children with Anticipated Difficult Intravenous AccessSzmuk, Peter; Steiner, Jeffrey; Pop, Radu B; Farrow-gillespie, Alan; Mascha, Edward J; Sessler, Daniel I
2017Impact of Methylprednisolone on Postoperative QualityRoyse, Alistair; Vincent, Jessica; Sc, M; Panjasawatwong, Krit; Sessler, Daniel I
2013Intraocular Pressure in Pediatric Patients During Prone SurgeryWeakley, David R; Swift, Dale M; Sessler, Daniel I
2014Is Dexamethasone Associated with Recurrence of Ovarian Cancer ?Jr, Gildasio S De Oliveira; Mccarthy, Robert; Turan, Alparsalan; Schink, Julian C; Fitzgerald, Paul C; Sessler, Daniel I
2016Lack of Association between Blood Pressure Management by Anesthesia Residents and Competence Committee Evaluations or In-training Exam Performance: A Cohort Analysis.Sessler, Daniel I; Makarova, Natalya; Riveros-Perez, Ricardo; Brown, David L; Kimatian, Stephen
2016Long-Acting Patient-Controlled Opioids Are Not Associated With More Postoperative Hypoxemia Than Short-Acting Patient-Controlled Opioids After Noncardiac Surgery: A Cohort AnalysisBelcher, Allan W; Khanna, Ashish K; Leung, Steve; Naylor, Amanda J; Hutcherson, Matthew T; Nguyen, Bianka M; Makarova, Natalya; Sessler, Daniel I
2016Lung Transplantation Is Much More Than Lungs and FluidsSessler, Daniel I; Kurz, Andrea; Mascha, Edward J
2014A Novel Method for Ultrasound-Guided Radial Arterial Catheterization in Pediatric PatientsNakayama, Yoshinobu; Nakajima, Yasufumi; Sessler, Daniel I; Ishii, Sachiyo