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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
7-Oct-2013"A field lately ploughed" : the expressive landscapes of gender and race in the antebellum slave narratives of Frederick Douglass and William GrimesSchultz, Jane E.; Henry Anthony, Ronda C.; Springer, Jennifer Thorington; Nyhuis, Jeremiah E.
2008A Window to Jim's Humanity: The Dialectic Between Huck and Jim in Mark Twain's Adventures of Huckleberry FinnSchultz, Jane E.; Eller, Jonathan R., 1952-; Rebein, Robert, 1964-; Anderson, Erich R.
11-Dec-2012Alzheimer's Disease Narratives and the Myth of Human BeingSchultz, Jane E.; Johnson, Karen Ramsay; Tilley, John J.; Rieske, Tegan Echo
2008AT THE CENTER OF AMERICAN MODERNISM: LOLA RIDGE’S POLITICS, POETICS, AND PUBLISHINGMarvin, Thomas F.; Schultz, Jane E.; Kovacik, Karen, 1959-; Wheeler, Belinda
2014"Charity Never Faileth": Philanthropy in the Short Fiction of Herman MelvilleSchultz, Jane E.; Eller, Jonathan R., 1952-; Robertson, Nancy Marie, 1956-; Tilley, John J.; Goldfarb, Nancy D.
2007"Great Expectations" : Communication between standardized patients and medical students in Objective Structured Clinical ExaminationsSchrader, Stuart M.; White-Mills, Kim D.; Goering, Elizabeth M.; Schultz, Jane E.; Budyn, Cynthia Lee
18-Nov-2011IMAGINING THE OTHER: THE POSSIBILITIES AND LIMITS OF THE SYMPATHETIC IMAGINATION IN J. M. COETZEE’S RECENT FICTIONHoegberg, David Erick; Schultz, Jane E.; Springer, Jennifer Thorington; Caldwell, Christine Sego
2009Poetry "Found" in Illness Narrative: A Feminist Approach to Patients' Ways of Knowing and the Concept of Relational AutonomyBrand, Peggy Zeglin; Capshew, James H.; Gunderman, Richard B.; Schultz, Jane E.; Kauffman, Jill Lauren
-The Sisters of Charity in Nineteenth-Century America: Civil War Nurses and Philanthropic PioneersRobertson, Nancy M.; Schultz, Jane E.; Wittberg, Patricia; Coon, Katherine E.
2007Unraveling Walt WhitmanEller, Jonathan R., 1952-; Schultz, Jane E.; Touponce, William F.; Cristo, George Constantine
2007Wrapped Up in Books: The Inner Life of Newland Archer in The Age of InnocenceSchultz, Jane E.; Eller, Jonathan R., 1952-; Reeves, Nancee C.