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2014a 1900Geerlings, Maartje J; Sc, M; Duran, Karen; Sc, B; Harakalova, Magdalena; Ph, D; Walker, Valerie; Gozalbo, M Estela Rubio; Ph, D; Vries, Maaike C De
2013Ability of Escherichia coli to produce hemolysis leads to a greater pathogenic effect on human spermBoguen, Rodrigo; Sc, M; Treulen, Favian; Sc, M; Uribe, Pamela; Sc, M; Villegas, Juana V; Ph, D
2013Access to fertility services for lesbian women in CanadaCorbett, Shannon L; Frecker, Helena M; Shapiro, Heather M; Yudin, Mark H; Sc, M; D, M
2013Accuracy of a home-based device for giving an early estimate of pregnancy duration compared with reference methodsJohnson, Sarah R; Ph, D; Godbert, Sonya; Sc, M; Perry, Paul; Sc, B; Parsons, Pauline; Sc, B
2016The accuracy of endorectal ultrasound in staging rectal lesions in patients undergoing transanal endoscopic microsurgeryLeon-carlyle, Marisa; Brown, Jacqueline A; D, M; Hamm, Jeremy; Sc, M; Phang, P Terry; S, F A C; Brown, Carl J; Sc, M; C, F R C S
2013Acetylated a -tubulin is reduced in individuals with poor sperm motilityBhagwat, Shweta; Sc, M; Dalvi, Veena; Sc, M; Chandrasekhar, Darshan; Sc, M; Matthew, Tinsu; Sc, M
2013Acrosome reaction is impaired in spermatozoa of obese men : a preliminary studySamavat, Jinous; Sc, M; Natali, Ilaria; Ph, D; Innocenti, Degl; Sc, M; Filimberti, Erminio; Sc, M
2013after in vitro maturation : a novel approach in women with polycystic ovary syndrome ?Sc, M; Landuyt, Lisbet Van; Sc, M
2013Age thresholds for changes in semen parameters in menStone, Bronte A; Sc, M Ag; Ph, D; Alex, Allyse; Sc, M; Werlin, Lawrence B; Marrs, Richard P; D, M
2016All-Cause Mortality in Women With Severe Postpartum Psychiatric DisordersMarie, Benedicte; Johannsen, Winther; Sc, B; Larsen, Janne Tidselbak; Sc, M; Laursen, Thomas Munk; Ph, D
2013Altered microRNA expression pro fi les of human spermatozoa in patients with different spermatogenic impairmentsAbu-halima, Masood; Sc, M; Hammadeh, Mohamad; Schmitt, Jana; Sc, M; Leidinger, Petra; Ph, D
2013Antim € ullerian hormone levels decrease in female-to-male transsexuals using testosterone as cross-sex therapyCaanen, Mirte R; Soleman, Remi S; Sc, M; Kuijper, Esther A M; Ph, D
2013The apoptotic pathway in fertile and subfertile men : a case-control and prospective study to examine the impact of merocyanine 540 bodies on ejaculated spermatozoaGomez-lopez, Nardhy; Ph, D; Estrada-gutierrez, Guadalupe; Ph, D; Colin, Alinne; Sc, M
2016Appropriateness of Language Used in Patient AssociationsGovender, Denira; Sc, B; Villafranca, Alexander; Sc, M; Hamlin, Colin; Hiebert, Brett; Sc, M; Parveen, Divya; Sc, B; Jacobsohn, Eric; Ch, M B B
2013Are health care providers adequately educating couples for embryo disposition decisions ?Deniz, Stacy G; Hughes, Edward G; Ch, M B B; Sc, M; Neal, Michael S; Hon, B Sc; Sc, M
2016Arthroscopy Association of North America AnnualKay, Jeffrey; Cand, M D; Memon, Muzammil; Cand, M D; Simunovic, Nicole; Sc, M; Sa, Darren De; Ayeni, Olufemi R; Sc, M
2013Assisted reproduction and child neurodevelopmental outcomes : a systematic reviewBay, Bjørn; Mortensen, Lykke; Sc, M; Kesmodel, Ulrik Schiøler; Ph, D
2013Association between the seminal plasma proteome and sperm functional traitsIntasqui, Paula; Sc, M; Camargo, Mariana; Sc, M; Antoniassi, Pereira; Sc, M
2013Association of aberrant expression of sex-determining gene fi broblast growth factor 9 with Sertoli cell – only syndromeChung, Chia-ling; Sc, M; Lu, Chun-wun; Ph, D; Cheng, Yu-sheng; Lin, Ching-yi; Sc, M
2013Association of cystic fi brosis regulator gene mutation with negative outcome of intracytoplasmic sperm injection pregnancy in cases of congenital bilateral absence of vas deferensLu, Shaoming; Cui, Yanyi; Sc, M; Li, Xiao; Zhang, Haobo; Liu, Jiaolong