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2014a 1900Geerlings, Maartje J; Sc, M; Duran, Karen; Sc, B; Harakalova, Magdalena; Ph, D; Walker, Valerie; Gozalbo, M Estela Rubio; Ph, D; Vries, Maaike C De
20132-Methoxyestradiol in the human corpus luteum throughout the luteal phase and its in fl uence on lutein cell steroidogenesis and angiogenic activityKohen, Paulina; Sc, B; Henríquez, Soledad; Ph, D; Rojas, Candy; Sc, B; Gerk, Phillip M; Ph, D
2013Accuracy of a home-based device for giving an early estimate of pregnancy duration compared with reference methodsJohnson, Sarah R; Ph, D; Godbert, Sonya; Sc, M; Perry, Paul; Sc, B; Parsons, Pauline; Sc, B
2017Activated Protein C Drives the Hyperfibrinolysis of Acute Traumatic CoagulopathyDavenport, Ross A; Ph, D; Guerreiro, Maria; Frith, Daniel; Ph, D; Rourke, Claire; Sc, B; Platton, Sean; Sc, B; Cohen, Mitchell; Pearse, Rupert; Ph, D; Thiemermann, Chris; Ph, D; Brohi, Karim
2016All-Cause Mortality in Women With Severe Postpartum Psychiatric DisordersMarie, Benedicte; Johannsen, Winther; Sc, B; Larsen, Janne Tidselbak; Sc, M; Laursen, Thomas Munk; Ph, D
2013altered spatial patterns of organization in men with primary seminiferous tubule failure compared with controlsTrish, Jenna; Sc, B; Meachem, Jayne; Ph, D; Bryan, Kathleen O; Ph, D
2013Analysis of metabolism to select viable human embryos for transferGardner, David K; Phil, D; Wale, Petra L; Sc, B
2016Appropriateness of Language Used in Patient AssociationsGovender, Denira; Sc, B; Villafranca, Alexander; Sc, M; Hamlin, Colin; Hiebert, Brett; Sc, M; Parveen, Divya; Sc, B; Jacobsohn, Eric; Ch, M B B
2013Are urinary bisphenol A levels in men related to semen quality and embryo development after medically assisted reproduction ?Knez, Jure; Kranvogl, Roman; Sc, B; Breznik, Pregl; Sc, B; Von, Ernest
2013Aromatase inhibitors for subfertile women with polycystic ovary syndrome : summary of a Cochrane reviewFranik, Sebastian; Sc, B; Kremer, Jan A M; Ph, D; Nelen, Willianne L D M; Ph, D; Farquhar, Cynthia
2013Arti fi cial oocyte activation with calcium ionophore does not cause a widespread increase in chromosome segregation errors in the second meiotic division of the oocyteCapalbo, Antonio; Ph, D; Ottolini, Christian S; Sc, B; Grif, K; Ph, D
2013Assessing brain-derived neurotrophic factor as a novel clinical marker of endometriosisWessels, Jocelyn M; Ph, D; Kay, Vanessa R; Sc, B; Leyland, Nicholas A; Agarwal, Sanjay K
2013Blastocentesis : a source of DNA for preimplantation genetic testing . Results from a pilot studyGianaroli, Luca; Magli, M Cristina; Sc, M; Pomante, Alessandra; Ph, D; Crivello, Anna M; Sc, B; Cafueri, Giulia; Sc, B; Valerio, Marzia; Sc, B; Ferraretti, Anna P
2016Blood-Pressure and Cholesterol Lowering in Persons without Cardiovascular DiseaseBosch, Jackie; Ph, D; Jaramillo, Patricio López; Ph, D; Zhu, Jun; Xavier, Denis; Avezum, Alvaro; Ph, D; Leiter, Lawrence A; Piegas, Leopoldo S; Ph, D; Parkhomenko, Alexander; Ph, D; Khunti, Kamlesh; Ph, D; Toff, William D; Reid, Christopher M; Ph, D; Varigos, John; Sc, B; Ac
2013Cardiac autonomic modulation in polycystic ovary syndrome : does the phenotype matter ?Domenico, Kristhiane Di; Wiltgen, Denusa; Ph, D; Nickel, Fabian J; Sc, B
2013Cell membrane proteins from oviductal epithelial cell line protect human spermatozoa from oxidative damageHuang, Venus W; Sc, B; Zhao, Weie; Lee, Cheuk-lun; Ph, D; Lee, Cherie Y L; Ph, D
2013clearance of human papillomavirus and antisperm antibodies in infected semen samples from infertile patientsGarolla, Andrea; Pizzol, Damiano; Bertoldo, Alessandro; Sc, B; Toni, Luca De; Sc, B
2017Cleavage Tears Subjected to Repair and ResectionManoukian, Ohan S; Sc, B; Perez-viloria, Miguel; Deangelis, Joseph P; Ramappa, Arun J; Nazarian, Ara; Ph, D
2013Clinical value of sperm DNA damage should be assessed in motile sperm fraction rather than whole ejaculated spermLiu, De-yi; Ph, D; Liu, Ming-li; Sc, B
2013Coenzyme Q – dependent mitochondrial respiratory chain activity in granulosa cells is reduced with agingBen-meir, Assaf; Yahalomi, Shlomi; Moshe, Brit; Sc, B; Shufaro, Yoel; Ph, D