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2016Antibiotic Exposure During the First 6 Months of Life and Weight Gain During ChildhoodGerber, Jeffrey S; Bryan, Matthew; Ross, Rachael K; Daymont, Carrie; Parks, Elizabeth P; Localio, A Russell; Grundmeier, Robert W; Stallings, Virginia A; Zaoutis, Theoklis E
2014 Infectious Diseases (383).pdf.jpg2014Decreasing Rates of Invasive Candidiasis in Pediatric Hospitals Across the United StatesFisher, Brian T; Ross, Rachael K; Localio, A Russell
2016Extended- Versus Narrower-Spectrum Antibiotics for AppendicitisKronman, Matthew P; Oron, Assaf P; Ross, Rachael K; Hersh, Adam L
2015Extended- Versus Narrower-Spectrum Antibiotics for Appendicitis.Kronman, Matthew P; Oron, Assaf P; Ross, Rachael K; Hersh, Adam L; Newland, Jason G; Goldin, Adam; Rangel, Shawn J; Weissman, Scott J; Zerr, Danielle M; Gerber, Jeffrey S; Gerber, JS.; Kronman, MP.; Ross, RK.; Bratzler, DW.; Dellinger, EP.; Olsen, KM.; Solomkin, JS.; Mazu
2014 Infectious Diseases (367).pdf.jpg2014Impact of Infectious Diseases Society of America / Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society Guidelines on Treatment of Community-Acquired Pneumonia in Hospitalized ChildrenRoss, Rachael K; Hersh, Adam L; Kronman, Matthew P; Newland, Jason G; Metjian, Talene A; Localio, A Russell
2016Value of Procalcitonin Measurement for Early Evidence of Severe Bacterial Infections in the Pediatric Intensive Care UnitOurnal, T H E J; Ediatrics, O F P; Lautz, Andrew J; Dziorny, Adam C; Denson, Adam R; Connor, Kathleen A O; Chilutti, Marianne R; Ross, Rachael K; Gerber, Jeffrey S; Weiss, Scott L