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Jun-2006A Needs Assessment to Build International Research Ethics Capacity at Moi UniversitySidle, JE; Were, E; Wools-Kaloustian, K; Chuani, C; Salmon, K; Tierney, WM; Meslin, Eric M.
Aug-2009Ethical Issues in Measuring Biomarkers in Children’s Environmental HealthSly, PD; Eskenazi, B; Pronczuk, J; Srám, R; Diaz-Barriga, F; Machin, DG; Carpenter, DO; Surdu, S; Meslin, Eric M.
2014Final Summary Report: Review of Merck-Regenstrief PartnershipMeslin, Eric M.; Gaffney, Margaret M.; Quaid, Kimberly A.; Schwartz, Peter H.; Pitt, Avril Rua; Rager, Joshua B.
Dec-2013Giving patients granular control of personal health information: Using an ethics “Points to Consider” to inform informatics system designersMeslin, Eric M.; Alpert, Sheri A.; Carroll, Aaron E.; Odell, Jere D.; Tierney, William M.; Schwartz, Peter H.
2015How Bioethics Principles Can Aid Design of Electronic Health Records to Accommodate Patient Granular ControlMeslin, Eric M.; Schwartz, Peter H.
25-Oct-2010Impact of Quantitative Information and a Nudge on Attitudes toward Colorectal Cancer ScreeningSchwartz, Peter H.; Imperiale, Thomas F.; Kloss, Holly N.; Perkins, Susan M.; Rawl, Susan M.; Sachs, Greg A.; Meslin, Eric M.
-Incorporating ethics into planning: Indiana's approachMeslin, Eric M.
-International Research Ethics: A Needs Assessment of Research Ethics Capacity Final Report and ResponsesMeslin, Eric M.; Sidle, JE; Wools-Kaloustian, K; Were, E; Salmon, K; Chuani, C
27-Jul-2013Mapping the translational science policy ‘valley of death’Meslin, Eric M.; Blasimme, Alessandro; Cambon-Thomsen, Anne
6-Dec-2014Patient Preferences in Controlling Access to Their Electronic Health Records: a Prospective Cohort Study in Primary CareDepartment of Medicine, IU School of Medicine; Schwartz, Peter H.; Caine, Kelly; Alpert, Sheri A.; Meslin, Eric M.; Carroll, Aaron E.; Tierney, William M.
Feb-2013Patient Understanding of Benefits, Risks, and Alternatives to Screening ColonoscopySchwartz, Peter H.; Edenberg, Elizabeth; Barrett, Patrick R.; Perkins, Susan M.; Meslin, Eric M.; Imperiale, Thomas F.
Mar-2009Pediatric assent for a study of antiretroviral therapy dosing for children in western Kenya: a case study in international research collaborationVreeman, Rachel C.; Nyandiko, Winstone M.; Meslin, Eric M.
Sep-2012Perspective: Is It Time for Advocacy Training in Medical Education?Croft, Daniel; Jay, Stephen J.; Meslin, Eric M.; Gaffney, Margaret M.; Odell, Jere D.
31-Aug-2012Points to consider in ethically constructing patient-controlled electronic health recordsMeslin, Eric M.; Alpert, Sheri A.; Carroll, Aaron E.; Odell, Jere D.; Schwartz, Peter H.
-Report from the PredictER Expert Panel Meeting, November 2, 2007Barrett, Patrick R.; Meslin, Eric M.; Schwartz, Peter H.; Girod, Jennifer; Odell, Jere D.; Quaid, Kimberly; Wolf, James G.
-Report of the Indiana University School of Medicine Task Force on Establishing an Adult Stem Cell Research CenterBroxmeyer, H; Meslin, Eric M.
Jun-2008The ethics of information: absolute risk reduction and patient understanding of screeningMeslin, Eric M.; Schwartz, Peter H.
Oct-2012The Vulnerabilities of Orphaned Children Participating in Research: A Critical Review and Factors for Consideration for Participation in Biomedical and Behavioral ResearchThompson, Rachel T.; Meslin, Eric M.; Braitstein, Paula K.; Nyandiko, Winstone M.; Ayaya, Samuel O.; Vreeman, Rachel C.
2010To be or not to be - a research subjectMeslin, Eric M.; Schwartz, Peter H.
-What Makes International Research Ethical (Or Unethical)?Meslin, Eric M.