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2017Aortic Arch Advancement and Ascending Sliding Arch Aortoplasty for Repair of Complex Primary and Recurrent Aortic Arch ObstructionLeón, Luis E De; Mckenzie, E Dean
2016CASE REPORT : CONGENITAL : MECHANICAL CIRCULATORY SUPPORT Mitral valve replacement for inflow obstruction of left ventricular assist device in a child with restrictive cardiomyopathyTunuguntla, Hari; Denfield, Susan W; Mckenzie, E Dean; Adachi, Iki
2017A Child with Presumed Reactive Airway Disease, Pectus Carinatum, and Aortic Root DilationJeewa, Aamir; Morris, Shaine a; Dreyer, William J; Adachi, Iki; Denfield, Susan W; Mckenzie, E Dean
2016CONGENITAL : ANOMALOUS CORONARY Decision analysis to define the optimal management of athletes with anomalous aortic origin of a coronary arteryMery, Carlos M; Lopez, Keila N; Molossi, Silvana; Sexson-tejtel, S Kristen; Krishnamurthy, Rajesh; Mckenzie, E Dean; Fraser, Charles D; Cantor, Scott B
2016Descending Aortic Translocation for Relief of Distal Tracheal and Proximal Bronchial CompressionMckenzie, E Dean; Roeser, Mark E; Thompson, Jess L; Adachi, Iki; Heinle, Jeffrey S; Mery, Carlos M; Fraser, Charles D
2016Rare but relevantMckenzie, E Dean
2016Risk factors for development of endocarditis and reintervention in patients undergoing right ventricle to pulmonary artery valved conduit placementMery, Carlos M; Guzm, Francisco A; Le, Luis E De; Zhang, Wei; Terwelp, Matthew D; Bocchini, Claire E; Adachi, Iki; Heinle, Jeffrey S; Mckenzie, E Dean; Fraser, Charles D