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1999A Multicomponent Intervention to Prevent Delirium in Hospitalized Older PatientsInouye, Sharon; Bogardus, Sidney T.; Charpentier, Peter A.; Leo-Summers, Linda; Acampora, Denise; Holford, Theodore R.; Cooney, Leo M.
2006A Research Algorithm to Improve Detection of Delirium in the Intensive Care UnitPisani, Margaret A; Araujo, Katy LB; Van Ness, Peter H; Ely, E Wesley; Zhang, Ying; Inouye, Sharon
2007Associations between Caregiver-Perceived Delirium in Patients with Cancer and Generalized Anxiety in their CaregiversBuss, Mary Kathleen; Vanderwerker, Lauren C.; Inouye, Sharon; Zhang, Baohui; Block, Susan Dale; Prigerson, Holly G.
2012Cognitive Trajectories after Postoperative DeliriumSaczynski, Jane S.; Marcantonio, Edward Ralph; Quach, Lien; Fong, Tamara G; Gross, Alden; Inouye, Sharon; Jones, Richard Norman
2014Delirium in elderly peopleInouye, Sharon; Westendorp, Rudi GJ; Saczynski, Jane S
2006Delirium in Older PersonsInouye, Sharon
2007Improving Sedative-Hypnotic Prescribing in Older Hospitalized Patients: Provider-Perceived Benefits and Barriers of a Computer-Based ReminderAgostini, Joseph V.; Concato, John; Inouye, Sharon
2012Screening for Delirium Using Family Caregivers: Convergent Validity of the Family Confusion Assessment Method and Interviewer-Rated Confusion Assessment MethodSteis, Melinda R.; Evans, Lois; Hirschman, Karen B.; Hanlon, Alexandra; Fick, Donna M.; Flanagan, Nina; Inouye, Sharon
2013Selecting Optimal Screening Items for Delirium: An Application of Item Response TheoryYang, Frances Margaret; Jones, Richard Norman; Inouye, Sharon; Tommet, Douglas; Crane, Paul K; Rudolph, James; Ngo, Long H.; Marcantonio, Edward Ralph