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2013 Cardiovascular (8379).pdf.jpg2013Cardiomyopathy in Marfan syndrome †Hetzer, Roland; Siegel, Günter; Maria, Eva; Walter, Delmo
2013 Cardiovascular (1621).pdf.jpg2013Contribution of ventricular assist devices to the recovery of failing hearts : a review and the Berlin Heart Center ExperienceDandel, Michael; Knosalla, Christoph; Hetzer, Roland
2015Long-term follow-up of a patient with Uhl anomaly after biologic and mechanical circulatory supportPotapov, Evgenij V.; Saito, Tomohiro; Carpentier, Alain; Hetzer, Roland; Krabatsch, Thomas
2015The long-term impact of various techniques for tricuspid repair in Ebstein's anomalyHetzer, Roland; Hacke, Paul; Javier, Mariano; Miera, Oliver; Schmitt, Katharina; Weng, Yuguo; Delmo Walter, Eva Maria
2013 Cardiovascular (1436).pdf.jpg2013Modi fi ed Nikaidoh procedure for the correction of complex forms of transposition of the great arteries with ventricular septal defect and left ventricular out fl ow tract obstruction : mid-term resultsKramer, Peter; Ovroutski, Stanislav; Hetzer, Roland; Hübler, Michael; Berger, Felix
2013 Cardiovascular (8198).pdf.jpg2013A multicentre evaluation of the autograft procedure for young patients undergoing aortic valve replacement : update on the German Ross Registry † Patient populationSievers, Hans-hinrich; Stierle, Ulrich; Charitos, Efstratios I; Takkenberg, Johanna J M; Hörer, Jürgen; Lange, Rüdiger; Franke, Ulrich; Albert, Marc; Gorski, Armin; Leyh, Rainer G; Riso, Arlindo; Sachweh, Jörg; Moritz, Anton; Hetzer, Roland; Hemmer, Wolfgang
2013 Cardiovascular (8194).pdf.jpg2013Paediatric mechanical circulatory support with Berlin Heart EXCOR: Development and outcome of a 23-year experienceHetzer, Roland; Kaufmann, Friedrich; Walter, Eva Maria Delmo
2013 Cardiovascular (3468).pdf.jpg2013Posterior annulus shortening increases leaflet coaptation in ischemic mitral incompetence : a new and valid techniqueHetzer, Roland; Solowjowa, Natalia; Siniawski, Henryk; Maria, Eva; Walter, Delmo
2013 Cardiovascular (1706).pdf.jpg2013Sex-dependent regulation of fibrosis and inflammation in human left ventricular remodelling under pressure overloadKararigas, Georgios; Dworatzek, Elke; Petrov, George; Summer, Holger; Schulze, Tabea Marie; Baczko, Istvan; Knosalla, Christoph; Golz, Stefan; Hetzer, Roland; Regitz-zagrosek, Vera
2015Single-stage septation of a univentricular heart: 26 years laterDelmo Walter, Eva Maria; Hetzer, Roland