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2013and omega-3 supplementsReed, Susan D; Guthrie, Katherine A; Newton, Katherine M; Anderson, Garnet L; Booth-laforce, Cathryn; Caan, Bette; Carpenter, Janet S; Cohen, Lee S; Dunn, Andrea L; Ensrud, Kristine E; Freeman, Ellen W; Hunt, Julie R; Joffe, Hadine; Larson, Joseph C; Learman, Lee A; Rot
2015 Infectious Diseases (215).pdf.jpg2015Clinical Outcomes Associated With Respiratory Virus Detection Before Allogeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell TransplantCampbell, Angela P; Guthrie, Katherine A; Englund, Janet A; Farney, Robert M; Minerich, Elisa L; Kuypers, Jane; Corey, Lawrence; Boeckh, Michael
2016Determinants of Early Mortality Among 37 , 568 Patients With Colon Cancer Who Participated in 25 Clinical Trials From the Adjuvant Colon Cancer Endpoints DatabaseCheung, Winson Y; Renfro, Lindsay A; Kerr, David; Gramont, Aimery De; Saltz, Leonard B; Grothey, Axel; Alberts, Steven R; Andre, Thierry; Guthrie, Katherine A; Labianca, Roberto; Francini, Guido; Seitz, Jean-francois; Callaghan, Chris O; Twelves, Chris; Cutsem, Eric Va
2015J OURNAL OF C LINICAL O NCOLOGY SWOG S0809 : A Phase II Intergroup Trial of Adjuvant Capecitabine and Gemcitabine Followed by Radiotherapy and Concurrent Capecitabine in Extrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma and Gallbladder CarcinomaBen-josef, Edgar; Guthrie, Katherine A; El-khoueiry, Anthony B; Corless, Christopher L; Zalupski, Mark M; Lowy, Andrew M; Jr, Charles R Thomas; Alberts, Steven R; Dawson, Laura A; Micetich, Kenneth C; Thomas, Melanie B; Siegel, Abby B; Blanke, Charles D
2015 Infectious Diseases (273).pdf.jpg2015Reduced Mortality of Cytomegalovirus Pneumonia After Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation Due to Antiviral Therapy and Changes in Transplantation PracticesErard, Veronique; Guthrie, Katherine A; Seo, Sachiko; Smith, Jeremy; Huang, Meeili; Chien, Jason; Flowers, Mary E D; Corey, Lawrence; Boeckh, Michael
2013Sexual Function in Women on Estradiol or Venlafaxine for Hot FlushesReed, Susan D; Mitchell, Caroline M; Joffe, Hadine; Cohen, Lee; Shifren, Jan L; Newton, Katherine M; Freeman, Ellen W; Larson, Joseph C; Manson, Joann E; Lacroix, Andrea Z; Guthrie, Katherine A
2014Using an FSDS-R Item to Screen for Sexually Related Distress: A MsFLASH AnalysisCarpenter, Janet S; Reed, Susan D; Guthrie, Katherine A; Larson, Joseph C; Newton, Katherine M; Lau, R Jane; Learman, Lee A; Shifren, Jan L