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2016ACQUIRED : AORTIC VALVE Learning curves for transapical transcatheter aortic valve replacement in the PARTNER-I trial : Technical performance , success , and safetySuri, Rakesh M; Alli, Oluseun; Waksman, Ron; Rihal, Charanjit S; Satler, Lowell P; Greason, Kevin L; Torguson, Rebecca; Pichard, Augusto D; Mack, Michael; Svensson, Lars G; Rajeswaran, Jeevanantham; Lowry, Ashley M; Ehrlinger, John; Mick, Stephanie L; Tuzcu, E Murat; Th
2016ACQUIRED : CORONARY Multiple arterial grafts improve survival with coronary artery bypass graft surgery versus conventional coronary artery bypass grafting compared with percutaneous coronary interventionsLocker, Chaim; Schaff, Hartzell V; Daly, Richard C; Dearani, Joseph A; Bell, Malcolm R; Frye, Robert L; Greason, Kevin L; Stulak, John M; Joyce, Lyle D; Pochettino, Alberto; Li, Zhuo; Lennon, Ryan J
2016ACQUIRED : PERICARDIUM ACQ A 20-year experience with isolated pericardiectomy : Analysis of indications and outcomesGillaspie, Erin A; Stulak, John M; Daly, Richard C; Greason, Kevin L; Joyce, Lyle D; Oh, Jae; Schaff, Hartzell V; Dearani, Joseph A
2016ACQUIRED : TRICUSPID Outcomes of ring versus suture annuloplasty for tricuspid valve repair in patients undergoing mitral valve surgeryShinn, Sung Ho; Dayan, Victor; Schaff, Hartzell V; Dearani, Joseph A; Joyce, Lyle D; Lahr, Brian; Greason, Kevin L; Stulak, John M; Daly, Richard C
2016Aortic homografts , Einstein , and complexityGreason, Kevin L
2016Clinical Outcomes After Transapical and Transfemoral Transcatheter Aortic Valve Insertion : An Evolving ExperienceMurashita, Takashi; Greason, Kevin L; Pochettino, Alberto; Sandhu, Gurpreet S; Nkomo, Vuyisile T; Bresnahan, John F; Reeder, Guy S; Holmes, David R; Rihal, Charanjit S; Mathew, Verghese
2016Mitral valve gradient after valve repair of degenerative regurgitation with restrictive annuloplastyMurashita, Takashi; Greason, Kevin L; Suri, Rakesh M; Daly, Richard C; Joyce, Lyle D; Stulak, John M; Pochettino, Alberto; Joyce, David L; Dearani, Joseph A; Schaff, Hartzell V
2016new england journalSvensson, Lars G; Ph, D; Kodali, Susheel K; Thourani, Vinod H; Tuzcu, E Murat; Pichard, Augusto D; Kapadia, Samir; Dewey, Todd; Babaliaros, Vasilis; Szeto, Wilson Y; Williams, Mathew R; Kereiakes, Dean; Zajarias, Alan; Greason, Kevin L; Whisenant, Brian K; Hodson, Rober
2016Transfemoral transcatheter aortic valve insertion-related intraoperative morbidity : Implications of the minimalist approachGreason, Kevin L; Pochettino, Alberto; Sandhu, Gurpreet S; King, Katherine S; Holmes, David R