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27-May-2010Actigraphic registration of motor activity reveals a more structured behavioural pattern in schizophrenia than in major depressionBerle, Jan Øystein; Hauge, Erik R.; Ødegaard, Ketil Joachim; Holsten, Fred; Fasmer, Ole Bernt
7-Aug-2011Adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is associated with asthmaFasmer, Ole Bernt; Halmøy, Anne; Eagan, Tomas Mikal; Ødegaard, Ketil Joachim; Haavik, Jan
11-Mar-2011Adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is associated with migraine headachesFasmer, Ole Bernt; Halmøy, Anne; Ødegaard, Ketil Joachim; Haavik, Jan
30-Mar-2007Assessing medical students’ attitudes towards learning communication skills – which components of attitudes do we measure?Anvik, Tor; Gude, Tore; Grimstad, Hilde; Bærheim, Anders; Fasmer, Ole Bernt; Hjortdahl, Per; Holen, Are; Risberg, Terje; Vaglum, Per
27-Nov-2012Co-prescription of medication for bipolar disorder and diabetes mellitus: a nationwide population-based study with focus on gender differencesSvendal, Gjertrud; Fasmer, Ole Bernt; Engeland, Anders; Berk, Michael; Lund, Anders
10-Oct-2007Curriculum factors influencing knowledge of communication skills among medical studentsBærheim, Anders; Hjortdahl, Per; Holen, Are; Anvik, Tor; Fasmer, Ole Bernt; Grimstad, Hilde; Gude, Tore; Risberg, Terje; Vaglum, Per
6-May-2013Does changing from a first generation antipsychotic (perphenazin) to a second generation antipsychotic (risperidone) alter brain activation and motor activity? A case reportBerle, Jan Øystein; Løberg, Else-Marie; Fasmer, Ole Bernt
28-Jan-2011Nonlinear Analysis of Motor Activity Shows Differences between Schizophrenia and Depression: A Study Using Fourier Analysis and Sample EntropyHauge, Erik R.; Berle, Jan Øystein; Ødegaard, Ketil Joachim; Holsten, Fred; Fasmer, Ole Bernt
8-Nov-2007Observed communication skills: how do they relate to the consultation content? A nation-wide study of graduate medical students seeing a standardized patient for a first-time consultation in a general practice settingGude, Tore; Vaglum, Per; Anvik, Tor; Bærheim, Anders; Eide, Hilde; Fasmer, Ole Bernt; Graugaard, Peter; Grimstad, Hilde; Hjortdahl, Per; Holen, Are; Nordoy, Tone; Skirbekk, Helge; Finset, Arnstein