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2013 Cardiovascular (13277).pdf.jpg2013Closure of a high ventricular septal defect after transcatheter aortic valve implantation with an atrial septal occluder-hybrid treatment for a rare complication.Hamm, Karsten; Reents, Wilko; Kerber, Sebastian; Diegeler, Anno
2013 Cardiovascular (1506).pdf.jpg2013Concomitant coronary intervention is associated with poorer early and late clinical outcomes in selected elderly patients receiving transcatheter aortic valve implantationGriese, Daniel P; Reents, Wilko; Tóth, Attila; Kerber, Sebastian; Diegeler, Anno; Babin-ebell, Jörg
2016A European Multicenter Study of 616 Patients Receiving the Freedom Solo Stentless BioprosthesisThalmann, Markus; Grubitzsch, Herko; Matschke, Klaus; Glauber, Mattia; Tan, Erwin; Francois, Katrien; Amorim, Mario J; Hensens, Ab G; Cesari, Francesco; Feyrer, Richard; Diegeler, Anno
2013 Cardiovascular (13258).pdf.jpg2013Fifteen years of surgery for acute type A aortic dissection in mod- erate-to-mild systemic hypothermia Fifteen years of surgery for acute type A aortic dissection in moderate-to-mild systemic hypothermiaZierer, Andreas; Ahmad, Ali El-Sayed; Papadopoulos, Nestoras; Detho, Faisal; Risteski, Petar; Moritz, Anton; Diegeler, Anno; Urbanski, Paul P
2013 Cardiovascular (11955).pdf.jpg2013Hybrid Coronary RevascularizationDiegeler, Anno
2013 Cardiovascular (11148).pdf.jpg2013Hybrid Coronary RevascularizationDiegeler, Anno
2013 Cardiovascular (8216).pdf.jpg2013Multicentre analysis of current strategies and outcomes in open aortic arch surgery: Heterogeneity is still an issueUrbanski, Paul P.; Luehr, Maximilian; Di Bartolomeo, Roberto; Diegeler, Anno; De Paulis, Ruggero; Esposito, Giampiero; Bonser, Robert S.; Etz, Christian D.; Kallenbach, Klaus; Rylski, Bartosz; Shrestha, Malakh Lal; Tsagakis, Konstantinos; Zacher, Michael; Zierer, Andreas
2013 Cardiovascular (3419).pdf.jpg2013Prolapse of the posterior leaflet : resect or respectPerier, Patrick; Hohenberger, Wolfgang; Lakew, Fitsum; Diegeler, Anno